New Year for a New You – Day 7 – Making a Plan

Just start - It's time to stop talking and start doing. Getting your resolutions started with Ambassador Crochet.This past week has been eye opening and exciting as I begin to plan for this year. But one thing I realized was that I know what I don’t want to do, I know what direction I want to go, but I am holding back. I want things to be all planned out and perfect. What I really need to do is . . . . .

About a month ago I read the post – How to Erase Blogging Headaches with an Editorial Calendar. It gave tips and ideas on how to make a workable editorial calendar (meaning you’ll actually use it). From that post I gleaned that my approach has been wrong. I know I want to post, I even have post ideas, but I have no direction or idea of what to do when. I get overwhelmed with my schedule, other priorities take over, and my blog takes a back seat. Add this to my feeling the need for perfection and, well, no wonder my blog has been neglected. Not this year!

New Year for a New You

Making a Plan

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I truly want a thriving business. As I evaluated my year and my business I had to ask myself “Why?” My business of selling patterns started to help pay for my girls dance classes (5 girls, 5 days a week at the studio, 4 of them on the competition team….you get the idea).

But it has snowballed into so much more than that. Not only do I love crochet, but I truly love what I do. I love crocheting and creating new patterns, I helping people, and I love editing. But I also genuinely love behind the scenes work. I worked wholesale for most of my adult life before becoming a SAHM, and I loved it. So I decided it was time to combine that wholesale mentality with my crochet business.

Here is some of what you can expect this year:

  • How to read a pattern – I will be digging into terminology and more.
  • How to write a pattern – If you’ve ever wanted to write a pattern, whether for your own personal use or for sale, I’ll help you with some of the ins and outs of that process.
  • Book & Designers Reviews – I will still be doing book reviews and designer reviews but they will now be from a behind the scenes perspective.
  • How to stay/get in shape when you’re a crocheter – I believe the more we (as crocheters) sit still, the more unhealthy we become. I want to help motivate the crochet community to take care of themselves.

There will be much more but this will be my starting point. Your Best Year 2016 planner has been exactly what I needed to re-ignite my passion and help me realize how to fine-tune my niche.


Making a Plan

The very first goal I want to make is to do a monthly goal setting (yes I have a goal to set goals because accountability works wonders). I’m going to post my monthly goals and then on then at the beginning of every month I will review the previous month and set new goals for the coming month. Here we go:


  1. Create my opt-in freebie that I’ve been planning forever.
  2. Create 1 new pattern to publish.
  3. Finish and publish 1 unfinished pattern.
  4. Post 2 new blog posts/week, every week in Jan. (8 total)
  5. Grow my crochet readership from 1,100 to 1,500.
  6. Grow my Pinterest followers from 1,332 to 2,000.
  7. Grow Facebook followers from 6,432 to 7,000.
  8. Grow Twitter followers from 489 to 1,000.
  9. Continue to work through Your Best Year 2016 planner.
  10. Finish unpacking my school/work room. (while this isn’t necessarily work, it will give me more space to think clearly without unfinished business looming over me.)

If you’d like to work through this review with us, you can purchase Your Best Year 2016 here. It has been eye opening and life/business changing for me and I am looking forward to what 2016 has in store.

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I’m looking forward to an amazing year!

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