5 Things I Will NOT Do In 2016

I recently read a blog post from The Art of Simple called 3 Things I’m Not Doing in 2016, and it got me thinking. We get so busy making our New Year’s resolutions and “Things to Accomplish in 2016” lists (which are great things to do by the way). But have you thought about what you don’t want to do? Believe it or not, I’ve actually done a lot of thinking about it, but I never thought to actually make it visual. So, I’m going to make a list to remind myself in a few months…

5 Things I will NOT Do In 2016

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  1. I will not compare my business (or myself) to others – This goes back to my 2016 Word of the Year, which is CONFIDENCE. Lack of confidence has been my downfall in past years. Comparison kills momentum so I’m ready to overcome it.
  2. I will not design anything I don’t absolutely love – In the past I’ve designed things just because others ask me to. While I love ideas and suggestions, I have found sometimes I don’t have a passion for a design and I’m only doing it because I said I will. This year I will either find a way to love it, or nicely reject the idea.
  3. I will not pursue unhealthy relationships – This is more personal, but I will also be applying it to business relationships. I recently told my girls that you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with….and then I realized it. I’ve been trying to repair relationships with a couple friends that, if I’m honest, probably shouldn’t be repaired. If I don’t like the way someone is acting, or treating me, do I really want to be like them?? Eye opening revelation for me! I knew it was time to stop worrying about what others think of me and move on, when I heard this quote from Crystal Paine over at Money Saving Mom….

    “Your worth is not dependent upon what other people think of you.”

  4. I will not sign up for any new coaching groups/emails – The first thing I learned in the Luminaries Club was to “silence your phones.” I’ve decided I’m also putting my emails on silence. I’m unsubscribing to almost all my coaching emails. While they are probably amazing and have great things to offer, it’s just overwhelming my inbox and making me feel like I’m drowning.
  5. I will not give up on my goals for 1 full year – Thanks to Your Best Year 2016, I have a dollar figure in place and a subscriber list goal for this year. I will do everything in my power to provide my business with exactly what it needs to grow to what I envision it to be!

Here’s to an amazing year!



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