Grapevine Scarf Crochet Pattern

One of the things I love most about crocheting is sharing my creations with others. At Christmastime there tends to be even more to make. Our focus is on making gifts for loved ones (as it should be) and because of that we rarely think about making anything for ourselves. But, now that the gifts have been given and the decorations are down (well…..mine are still up), ELK Studio has a great idea! Every day during the month of January she is featuring crochet patterns that you can make specifically for yourself!


Grapevine Scarf crochet pattern - Design by Ambassador Crochet


When I set out to make something for my featured day (1/21/16) I knew I wanted 2 things. I wanted something that anyone, with any skill level, could make. Second, I wanted trendy. I wanted something that even my teenage daughters would want to make if they saw it. Introducing….

Grapevine Scarf Crochet Pattern

Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced crocheter, you’ll be able to make this. I wanted something a bit more trendy that even my teenage daughters would want to wear.


Grapevine Scarf - free crochet pattern - Design by Ambassador Crochet

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If you’d like to see more great patterns from other designers, or see more from this blog series, please visit Elk Studio directly.

ELK Studio Make it for Me


Happy crocheting!

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