A Gift Guide for the Crocheter who has Everything

Do you have a crocheter in your life that seems to have everything? I’ve put together a Crocheter’s Gift Guide that has some unique gift ideas. My hope is that you will be able to find that perfect gift for the crocheter who seems to have everything.


Crocheter's Gift Guide Holiday Roundup - Gift ideas for the crocheter who has everything.


Crocheter’s Gift Guide


Crocheters are passionate about what they do. But, when it comes to finding the perfect gift for a crocheter, most friends and family don’t know where to start looking. Most crocheters don’t need yarn…. Hint: Some of us may already own a small yarn store in your basement. (I’m guilty!)

Here is a unique Crocheter’s Gift Guide to help you with ideas.

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Pure Pewter Crochet Pendant

Furls Crochet Hook Pendant

This was a given to me as a Christmas gift from a fellow designer and it is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I absolutely love everything about it! The quality is amazing, it is classy and stylish, and you can actually use it if you forget your hook at home.



Granny Square Mug

Granny Square coffee mug

Coffee and crochet, two of my favorite things. This granny square coffee mug has a granny square hand drawn on it. There are tons of other great coffee mug designs that have crochet themes. Note: For some reason I find that this mug doesn’t hold heat as long as some of the ones I have. The positive? It encourages me to drink my coffee instead of letting it sit there to get cold.



Image result for yarn ball cup

Yarn Ball Cup by Haldecraft

This is the perfect gift for the yarn lover. It’s more of a tea cup size so you could use it as a gift or even make a stocking stuffer. I currently use mine (I have the green shown above) to hold my stitch markers, tape measures, scissors, and other small notions I don’t want to lose.



Celtic yarn bowl - made to order

Handcrafted Yarn Bowl

I have 2 yarn bowls that hubby had custom made for me, and I absolutely love them. There are so many options out there based on style and color preference. Unfortunately the potter I got mine from doesn’t take online orders, but I love this one I found on etsy!



Boye Crochet Hook Bangles

Crochet Hook Bracelets

These bangle bracelets would be a great stocking stuffer for any crocheter. Mine were made by Pray & Crochet Crafts and I love them! They’re unique and they make a simple statement.


Gold or Silver Mirror Crochet Hook Earrings

Silver/Gold Crochet Hook Earrings


Crochet Hook Earrings

Crochet Hook Earrings by CrochetbyRae


The silver/gold hook earrings are on my wish list. The basic look makes them stylish so that you can wear them with anything. I do however have the crochet hook earrings from CrochetbyRae that I wear all the time (see photo below). They’re made form genuine crochet hooks, so they’re a fun conversation piece. She has just a few pair left, so make sure you grab them if you’re interested.


Crochet hook earrings - Crocheter's Gift Guide Holiday Roundup - Gift ideas for the crocheter who has everything.


Is there something I’ve missed What other kinds of unique crochet gifts have your given (or received)?

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

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