Crochet Garment Design Course Review

Have you ever wanted to design your own patterns, or more specifically garments? I have had a sweater idea in my head for over 4 years but I’ve never had the guts to try to create a pattern for it. I’ve designed plenty of patterns in the past 10 years, I even tech edit garments, but I could never bring myself to try garments. That was until I tried Crochet Garment Design course!


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Crochet Garment Design


This course is amazing! 

I can’t tell you how many times hubby had to listen to me go on about how amazing this course was and what I was learning. And when he wasn’t around I’d call my mother and she’d listen to me and get excited for me (she’s my biggest supporter).

But let me back up a bit. I’m always hesitant to invest in an online course. I’m usually worried that I will invest in something and already have knowledge of the content, or that I won’t like the way a person teaches. Crochet Garment Design was everything I had hoped for and then a whole lot more. I’ve been designing for 10 years and couldn’t believe the amount of new things I took away from this course! And the course isn’t just for designers.


So, who is the course for?


Do you want to learn crochet garment design? No matter what information you want to know – from the beginning idea, to the finishing touches – everything will be covered.

Do you want to be able to customize a pattern to your body? You will learn how to adjust a pattern you have.

Do you want to take custom orders and/or make custom pieces for customers?  Shannon talks about private clients. This would be perfect if someone asks you to make a certain pattern and you want to tailor it to their size as you make it.


If you answered yes to any of those, you will find a wealth of knowledge in this course. While it is mostly for designers, Shannon will refer to custom orders and pieces throughout to help you make that connection.


What’s in the course?


Below is a breakdown of the sections, and a brief overview of what is covered in each of those sections. Almost all the videos are 30 minutes (or close to it), which makes this course over 6+ hours! 

Introduction – This part of the course is in post form (not video). It has screenshots on how to upload photos, ask questions, and walks you through how the course works.

Four pillars of design – This video covers the 4 pillars of design which are fashion (which I now know is different from style), fit, form, and function.

Patterns – This covers where to place things in the pattern, what you need to include, and what publishers are expecting.

Fabric – I learned SO much from this section. I always knew swatching was important, but this took it to a whole new level for me.

Taking Measurements – How and where to take the measurement, and how to apply them to your swatch.

By the Number – If you are a math geek like me, you’ll love this section. Does the math portion of pattern writing scares you? This section will clarify everything for you. The math worksheets in this section make the cost of the course worth every penny! It covers yarn and gauge calculations, schematics, sizing and stitch patterns, just to name some of it.

Elements of Shaping – Covers different types of garment construction, shaping the pieces, neck shaping, arm shaping, etc. as well as how to apply the measurements and gauge numbers to the pieces.

Making It – Writing the pattern, making a muslin (a draft of the garment), and then actually applying everything you’ve learned so you can actually make the garment.

Finishing Techniques – Putting all the pieces together with a professional, finished look.


Worth Every Penny!


I can’t rave enough about Shannon’s teaching style. While I’ve reviewed his books in the past, (visit Crochet Geometry and Designer Crochet to read my reviews) I’ve never heard him teach a class. He mixes the right amount of professionalism with the right amount of humor, and doesn’t leave anything left to question when he’s done. It is all covered – from the very beginning of the design process to the last of the finishing touches! I know I said it previously, but the worksheets alone make this course worth every penny. The course stays in your account section so you can review any time you need to.

I am going one step beyond just taking this class. I have over 100 published patterns, but I have never designed a garment. Based on the knowledge I learned from taking this class, I now have 2 garments in the works. I want to show you what you can learn too! As soon as they’re tested and ready I will link them here.




Interweave has graciously offered to give a copy of this class to one of my readers. Fill out the rafflecopter below. Winner will be announced Friday, June 2, 2017.

If you choose to purchase the class, I am offering 10% discount on my tech editing services (for the 1st pattern only). Just let me know you took the class and saw my review for the discount.


*Disclaimer* – This book was provided to me for a review, but all opinions are strictly my own.


Happy Crocheting!


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