Emoji Crochet Book Review & Giveaway

Emojis are everywhere! …..and now you can crochet them with Emoji Crochet book! Please read my book review and find out how you can win a copy of the book.


Everyone loves emojies and now there is Emoji Crochet. Check out the book review by Ambassador Crochet.

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Emoji Crochet


Publisher: Spring House Press

Author: Charles Voth

Number of Pages: 127 pages

Number of Projects: 19 patterns, but many more than that when you consider multiple emojis per project.

Types of Projects: Blankets, pillows, ottoman, hats, bibs, sweater, scarves, and more!

Difficulty Ratings: There are no ratings on any of the projects (unless I missed it), but all the patterns use basic stitches, with shaping.

Yarn Used: #3, 4 and #5

First Impression: My kids are going to love this! Some of these projects will make great Christmas gifts!

My Favorite Project Pick: The Hoodie! – The Mega Cushion was a close 2nd.


Hoodie from Emoji Crochet - book review by Ambassador Crochet.


Mega Cusion from Emoji Crochet - book review by Ambassador Crochet.

Mega Cushion


I’m not a huge emoji fan. (Yes, I just said that!) BUT I do have a couple daughters who are at the age that they absolutely love them. They send people texts with my phone (they don’t have their own phones) and they love to add a few too many emojis. What I find more hopeful is that one of my girls only loves the happy emojis….which makes me happy!




The Emoji Crochet book is so much more than just a bunch of faces, or even just graphs (although both of those are included). I was very happy to see that Charles Voth incorporated other stitches for those of us that like something other than just a sc project. Think post stitches, bobbles, and more. The Mega Cushion is made with bobbles. So fun!

It also includes all your general pattern info (gauge, terms, abbreviations), as well as exactly which yarns were used for each project, so you can match it exactly if you choose to.


Emoji Crochet heart hat - book review & giveaway by Ambassador Crochet.


So Versatile! 


There are “technically” 19 patterns listed in the book, but I wanted to show you just how versatile Charles Voth made this book. Each piece of the emoji faces are written as separate patterns so you can mix and match to make even more combos that he has used in the book. It’s also written in such a way that you can do more with the patterns than even what is shown in the book.

I took the beginning of the afghan square and stopped early. Then I made some heart eyes and a regular smiley face and sewed them onto a hat. There are hats in the book, but I wanted to show you just how adaptable Emoji Crochet really is.

This book has endless gifts for kids (or adults) who love emojis.


Happy Crocheting!

 *Disclaimer* – This book was provided to me for a review, but all opinions are strictly my own.


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