Tips to Crochet the Perfect Project

I’m pretty sure we all want to sit down and crochet the perfect project…..every time! We want the pattern to be easy, we want the yarn to look and feel the way we had hoped, and we want it to come out the way it looked in the photos from the designer/publisher. And then we wake up!


How to Crochet the Perfect Project......every time. Tips for getting your crochet projects to come out exactly like you want them to.


You buy a new pattern.

You buy yarn.

You sit down and crochet.

The project comes out perfect.

Now be honest.

How often does it actually happen that way?


Crochet the Perfect Project


Some things are out of your control (like how well the pattern is written), but there are a few things you can do to try to ensure that the scenario above might happen.

Choose the Right Pattern – Choose a pattern based on your skill level. An intermediate or advanced level pattern may leave you feeling frustrated and not wanting to finish. If you think you are ready to give the next skill level a try here are some tips to Tackle a More Advanced Crochet Pattern.

Measure for Fit – If it’s a garment (or even a hat), please do not skip this step. You won’t be happy when you finish a hat only to find out it fits your husband instead of your toddler! And there is nothing worst than making a vest only to realize it fits your daughter instead of you! (Yes, I know this from experience!)

Choose the Right Yarn – There are a lot of things to consider when substituting yarn. Fiber, color, weight are just a few, but each of those matters. You don’t necessarily want a tweed or variagated with certain stitch patterns because the beautiful stitches will get lost in all the color changes. If you need help substituting yarn here are a couple posts that may help.

5 tips to help you choose a yarn substitution

Things to look for (on the yarn label) when substituting yarn

Swatch – Make a swatch. It’s worth it. I promise. This will ensue the yarn will give you the overall look that you want. It will save you from making 20 rows of an afghan or sweater only to find out you don’t like the yarn you’re using.

Check Gauge – This should be #1. I ignored this step for the first 10 years I crocheted. If you aren’t sure read this post – Is Gauge Important?

Finishing – Learn to finish off and tie in ends properly. You can read about the time I found the “worlds greatest dishcloth” in a little country store but it didn’t even have the ends tied in. You can also learn how to Invisibly Fasten Off  your project without using a knot.


Little Things are Big!


These tips might seem too simple or meaningless, but sometimes it’s the little things that have the biggest impact. What are some things you do to help you crochet the perfect project?



Happy Crocheting!

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