How to Finish Your Crochet Gifts by Christmas

As Christmas approaches most of us wonder how we’re going to get crochet projects done in time. We prioritze who we’ll see before Christmas against who we won’t see until the day after. We stay up until midnight on Christmas Eve and into the early hours of Christmas morning. I’ve done it, but when it comes to getting a lot of projects done at once, there’s one method that has worked better than any of the others I’ve tried.


How to Finish your Crochet Gifts before Christmas


How to Finish Crochet Gifts before Christmas


Make a list

Check it twice

Find out who’s naughty of nice (and then consolidate your list)

haha! Just kidding.

But it is kinda that simple.


Here are the 3 real steps.

Make a list – Make a list of all the gifts (or orders) you need to finish before Christmas.

Figure out the math (I promise it’s not hard) – If all the gifts are close to the same size (hats and scarves, but no blankets) then take the number of projects and divide it by how many days you have to complete all the gifts/projects. I have 7 projects to finish and 14 days.

14 / 7 = 2

14 days / 7 projects = 2 days to complete each project.


Now if you have a big project (like an afghan) and you want to make sure you get it done in time, here’s the way to figure that out.

Total number of rows

Divided by # days

= # rows each day

Here’s an example:

I have 80 rows left of an afghan I need to finish.

80 / 14 = 5.71

80 rows / 14 days = 5.71 rows per day.

At this point I would round up, and maybe even reach a bit. Aim for 7-10 rows a day (whatevery you’re comfortable with). That way if you have an off day and can’t get the 6 rows done you have a little leway.

Prioritize – Make them in order of priority in case something comes up and you can’t finish them in time.


How do you make sure you finish crochet gifts in time?


Happy Crocheting!


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