Stars & Stripes Collection

Yesterday I released the first pattern in my new Stars & Stripes Pattern Collection; the Stars & Stripes Legwarmers, and it was with much trepidation. I was super excited for this new collection of patterns at first. I support our troops 100% and appreciate all they do to keep our country safe and free. But a few weeks ago, in the middle of working on these patterns, I read a comment someone made about my American Flag afghan pattern, and it got me worried.


Stars & Stripes Collection


Basically the comment said I should have never made the flag blanket because, according to US flag code, you are not allowed to “wear” the flag. I panicked! I stay away from tradmark items as well as anything that is considered unethical or wrong. So, I started what became many hours of research and finally came to the conclusion I wasn’t legally doing anything wrong. But something still didn’t sit right with me. What about ethically? So I asked my husband (who is a veteran) and his comment was this, “‘Tine, it’s not a flag. Yes, it’s stars & stripes, and yes it’s red, white, and blue, but you’re not wearing a flag.” That one little comment was enough for me to pick up this collection and finish it.

I understand everyone may not agree with my decision. My intent is not to be disrespectful of the US flag, but to show my support of those I love that have served, as well as so many others who have given everything for this country. I know everyone has their own opinions on this. These are just my thoughts and the journey I took to come to this conclusion.

Stars & Stripes Legwarmers 

The first pattern in the collection has been released! You can purchase the Stars & Stripes Legwarmers for $1.00 – no coupon code needed. If you purchase it before June 30th, I’ll send you a free update when the child size is added.


Stars & Stripes Legwarmers crochet pattern by Ambassador Crochet


Happy Crocheting!

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