Mentoring the Youth

For a long time it was said that “crochet is a dying art”. In the last few years there has definitely been a resurgence in popularity, but with that I believe there is a responsibility to pass on our love of crochet so that the next generation might have the chance to love it as much as us.

As the mother of 5 daughters, I’m a huge advocate of mentoring the youth so that they will love the art of crochet as much as we do. I don’t think we can assume they will some day want to crochet. Ask them, and if you get a no, ask some more. ha!

All of my girls have at least learned how to crochet and honestly are at all different skill levels. Some of them have published patterns here on my blog as well as in the Crochet Pattern a Day crochet calendar, and my oldest has even started a ministry that makes and donates hats and scarves to the homeless

One of my daughters has a passion for more than just crocheting – she has a passion for life, and puts 200% into most things she does. Last year was no different when she decided she wanted to learn how to knit. I have no knowledge of knitting so I found her the Learn to Knit group on FB, run by Shelley from The Blue Star Boutique

I thank God for Shelley! Kiera (my daughter) immediately felt a connection to her. Whether she’s knitting or crocheting, she sends Shelley pictures of her work, asks for help, or just sends her messages to keep her posted on how she’s doing. Shelley graciously listens, responds, and encourages the heck out of her! I can do it, and I do, but it’s different when it’s an outsider. 

Because of the relationship that Shelley has established with my daughter, I thought we could all use some tips on how to start mentoring the youth.

Tips for Mentoring the Youth

Listen – Kids love to talk (especially mine!) so when they’re learning how to crochet just let them talk your ear off. Put the phone away (something I’m working on too) and be in the moment with them. They want to be acknowledged for what they’re learning.

Encourage – Whether they’re doing great or struggling, encourage them! If we just criticize or correct the mistakes they won’t want to continue. 

Be Genuine – Don’t just nod and acknowledge their progress. Be genuine and interact with them. They want conversation and interaction. They want praise and help. But most of all they want to make us happy with their projects and their progress. We can definitely give them that!

Don’t Stop – Once they know how to crochet and are pretty self sufficient, don’t stop there. Continue to check in with them and see how they’re doing. They will be thrilled to know you care and want to see an hear about their progress.

Recently Kiera decided to try to make the Citrus Twist Purse (a pattern by Shelley). She was so happy with how it turned out that she entered it into our local fair. She won Best of Show! And do you know what the first things she wanted to do was? Take a picture and send it to Miss Shelley.

There is no better feeling than knowing that someone is taking the time to invest in your child!

Do you know a child you can invest in?

Happy Crocheting!

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