Top 10 Crochet Patterns of 2018 – #3

Oh my gosh! We’ve entered the top 3 and I’m SO excited to show you these last few!

I’m planing on making 2019 my best year ever but to do that I’m reflecting on 2018 and how I can make it better. 

I’ve reviewed my top 10 crochet patterns for the entire year and I’m so excited to show you the top 5!! This is helping me to see what you love, and what you didn’t love so much. 

Going forward I’ll try to figure out if there’s anything I want/need to change or do differently this coming year to make my patterns better for you.


I love making and designing patterns for specific people. Everything from incorporating colors to style makes it personal.

The Ava Grace baby blanket was originally designed and made as a gift for my girls’ tap dance teacher and named after his daughter.

And you all may love it as much as they did – if not more! This one came in at #3!  

Ava Grace baby blanket crochet pattern by Ambassador Crochet.

Below is a chance to win a copy of the Ava Grace baby blanket

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It is also on sale for only $1.00 in my Ravelry shop through 1/10/18 @ midnight EST. Please use coupon code #3 at checkout

Please note: No refunds will be given due to charges I incur, so please make sure price is discounted before completing payment. 

If you win the pattern and have already purchased it, you will be able to pick another pattern free of charge.

Have you entered the other best seller giveaways? If you missed any they are listed below.

#10 – Stars & Stripes Leg warmers
#9 – Breath of Life Shawl
#8 – BFF hat & writst warmers set
#7 – Waves of Grayce baby blanket
#6 – Jordan Baby Sweater set
#5 – Blue Ridge Blanket Wrap
#4 – Pine Grove Hat

Make sure you come back tomorrow for my #2 best seller of 2018.!!! 

Happy Crocheting!

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