5 Things I Will NOT Do in 2020

Do you ever get frustrated that you make resolutions and then end up (unintentionally) breaking them? I used to all the time. But what if a different approach works better?

Last year was the 2nd time I made a different kind of list. I wrote the post, 5 Things I Will NOT Do in 2019.

Instead of breaking your New Year's resolutions try a list of 5 things you will not do this year.

This list wasn’t a list of resolutions I could break, it was a list of things I wanted to change about myself and/or my business, and the way I lived. Not only did it change my outlook but also how I viewed my entire year. It changed my whole thought process.

When I wrote my first 5 Things I Will NOT Do list in 2016 I did so good about sticking to that list. 2019 was not as successful. Life threw me some curve balls, but my year was still more successful than if I hadn’t done that list at all.


  1. I will not get sidetracked from my goals – I have some bigger projects I will be working on throughout 2020. (more to come soon) I want to follow through for the entire year before deciding whether they were successful or not. It’s so easy for me to get sidetracked or not follow through when life gets in the way, but these ideas have been brewing for over a year, so it’s time!
  2. I will not ignore my blog this year – Ok, honestly, this one is was on my list last year and I didn’t do well with it. So, I’m recommitting to it for this year. I’ve been random about my postings for the past 4 – 5 years but I want to make it a priority again. I want to do it because I love helping other crocheters advance their skills and/or finish their projects successfully.
  3. I will not ignore my email – Ok, this is another one from last year that I didn’t work on too well. So this year I’m re-committing to responding to emails within 24 hours. (not including weekends which I reserve for family time). I’ve always loved helping people solve pattern problems so that they can finish, so I will be going back to this as a focus.
  4. I will not worry about the future (or even tomorrow) – At the beginning of 2019 my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 UTUC cancer in his kidney. Thankfully he’s in remission, but it has definitely changed so much about our life. Someone recently said, “Now you have to deal with the PTSD of the whole thing”. I think this sums up my life at the moment perfectly. It’s been rough, but I want and need to stop worrying or focusing on how tomorrow will be.
  5. I will not stop running – This one is personal. Maybe it’s the feeling of accomplishment, maybe it’s the alone/me time, or maybe it’s the fact that I lost 20 lbs in 6 months, but somehow I’ve become a runner and am enjoying it. I can’t even explain it. But I do know that when life gets crazy things for me are the first to go. I don’t want that to happen with my running. It has made me feel good about myself and I want to continue this journey.

Quit the resolutions before you make them

This year, instead of worrying about breaking your resolutions, try your own list of 5 things you won’t do in 2020.

Leave a comment and let me know what’s going to be on your list!

Here’s to an amazing year in 2020!

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