Crochet Helps Me Find Peace #WhyIMake

There are tons of reasons why people get creative and make things. I personally started crocheting as something to do when I was pregnant with my first daughter.

But recently Love Crafts asked the question, “Why do you make?” and I really took some time to think about it. I’ve realized there’s so much more to why I crochet other than “something to do.”

Why I Make

My mother taught me to crochet when I was 5, but I didn’t pick it up again until I was in my late 20’s and pregnant with a little girl. I decided to make her a blanket. After that followed 4 more daughters and many more baby items!

As I look back on where my crochet journey has taken me over the past 20 years I have a different answer to the question, “Why do you make?”
Crochet has been there through the best times in my life as well as the hardest.

My first “big” project was a baby blanket for my first daughter and that blanket filled me with so much joy.

I crocheted a memory blanket for my miscarriage when I lost all 3 babies in one week. That blanket was filled with so many tears.

I learned how to design my first pattern when a friend had a preemie. That blanket provided comfort in those first few weeks before they knew if he would survive.

I’ve created crochet patterns that have made me so excited to share them with the world!

Crochet was what I turned to when I needed some “me time” when my 6 children were little. It brought me peace.

More recently, crochet has been reprieve while my husband has been battling cancer. Through each surgery, chemo treatment, and procedure I find myself pouring my heart into my crochet. It helps take my mind off the struggles of life and I put my energy and effort into creating something beautiful. Crochet is helping me find peace in the midst of life’s storms.

So…..why do you make?

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