2022 Word of the Year – INTENTIONAL

Did you pick a 2022 word of the year? If can keep you focused on what/how you want your year to go.

It’s definitely grown in popularity over the last few years. I’ve been doing it every year since 2014, and to be honest, those first couple years I didn’t take it nearly as seriously as I have the past 3 years.

But the results I had when I started taking it seriously were so evident that I don’t take picking my word for the year lightly anymore. For instance, two years ago I felt like my business (and my life) were on a roller coaster. I was struggling to be consistent with anything (because of my husband’s cancer and all the things that came along with that). So, I chose the word consistency. And I stuck to that word for the entire year. I am happy to say that even in the midst of the hardest personal time of my life my business still grew almost 60% that year and I knew it was a direct result of the word I chose.

This year I wasn’t really sure what my word would be. But when I came up with INTENTIONAL it just wouldn’t leave me, so I’ve committed to being intentional in 2022.


My first word of the year was in 2014 and it was FOCUS. Since then I’ve had the words Believe (2015), Confidence (2016), Consistency (2021) and more.

This year I will aim to be intentional about everything I do. Below are just some of the life categories I consider and how I will be intentional in those areas.

  • Financial: I will be intentional with my finances, paying attention to my spending for both personal as well as business expenses. I want to be thriving financially by the end of 2022.
  • Physical: I will be intentional with my running and workout schedules, as well as the food I put in my body. I want to make myself and my health a priority while still remembering that my time with people is still more important than how many miles I can run. (Although I have set 2 crazy running goals for the year – I will run a minimum of 1 mile every day for 365 days AND I will aim to run 700 miles by the end of the year).
  • Spiritual: I will be intentional with setting aside time each day to read my personal development books and devotions. I will also be intentional about the subject content making sure they align with the next step in my growth.
  • Mental: I will be intentional with keeping up with my household chores and getting rid of unused/unneeded clutter. I know this will help manage/reduce my stress. I will also try to have “work hours” and “family hours” and aim to turn the work off and be more in the moment with my kids to give them my undivided attention.
  • Relational: I will intentionally make time for my friends and family so they know how important they are to me.

Now that I’ve decided to be intentional about my decisions, I will try to remind myself:

“An unintentional life accepts everything and does nothing. An intentional life embraces only the things that will add to the mission of significance.” ~ John Maxwell

With every decision and action I make, I will try to remember to ask myself….. Is this going to add significance to my life? My ultimate goal is to be intentional with my days and minutes so that I can improve my relationships with those that matter most, build my business, and live the life I keep dreaming of having.

Do you pick a word for the year? What will be your word to focus on this year? I’d love to know.

Looking forward to a great 2022!

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