50 Going on 15 – My #1 Crochet Pattern from 2019

We’re up to everyone’s favorite pattern from 2019!

If you’re just joining us, I’m celebrating 15 years of designing crochet patterns and I’m putting all of your favorite patterns from over the years on sale for a limited time.

One by one I will review your favorite patterns from each year I’ve been a designer.

Today is day 13. Read below for my #2 pattern from 2019 and get the $1.00 sale info….

Why my #2 pattern? Because when I went back and looked my #1 pattern has been the same pattern every year since 2017!!!! So, I’m saving the best for last and will reveal it on day 15!

50 GOING ON 15 – 2019

Every day for 15 days I’m going to reveal a favorite pattern from each year I’ve been a designer.

Today is year THIRTEEN I was in business . . . . 2019. Everyone’s favorite pattern that year was my Odyssey Cardigan.

I began the design for this cardigan the very first day of my husband’s chemotherapy treatments and finished the cardigan on the last day of his treatments. I named it the Odyssey because of the journey that this cancer diagnosis has put my family on.


You can receive my #1 crochet pattern from 2019 for $1.00 today only. (offer expires 3/15/22 @midnight)

  1. CLICK HERE (or the image above) and be taken to my Ravelry page.
  2. Add the pattern to your cart.
  3. No coupon code is needed, so price will deduct automatically at checkout.

Check back tomorrow for my #1 pattern of 2020.

Also, I’ll be giving away an entire years worth of patterns to one lucky winner on 3/17/22. Make sure you’re signed up for my email list because the winner will be chosen from my subscribers!

Happy Crocheting!

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