50 Going on 15 – My #1 Crochet Pattern for the past 5 YEARS!

Ok, we’re up to 2021…..

If you’re just joining us, I’m celebrating 15 years of designing crochet patterns and I’ve been putting all of your favorite patterns from over the years on sale for a limited time.

But from 2017 – 2020 I had to share #2 with you, because . . . .

My #1 pattern every year from 2017 – 2021 has been . . . .

my #1 crochet pattern every year

50 GOING ON 15

Every day for the past 15 days I have revealed a favorite pattern from each year I’ve been a designer.

Today is year FIFTEEN and my final day of reveals.

This blanket pattern was a huge project that took months of planning and calculating. I used schematics for the American Flag and made it as true to dimensions as I could. Stars & stripes are all proportionately correct. I also made the stripes more like a fabric so there are no holes between stitches (and it’s not sc). I also incorporated the stars right into the blanket so they don’t need to be sewn on.


You can receive my #1 crochet pattern from all my years of designing for 50% OFF one day only. (offer expires 3/17/22 @8am EST)

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Thank you SO much for making this my #1 pattern of all time!

Also, I’ll be giving away an entire years worth of patterns to one lucky winner TOMORROW 3/17/22. Make sure you’re signed up for my email list because the winner will be chosen from my subscribers!

Happy Crocheting!

1 thought on “50 Going on 15 – My #1 Crochet Pattern for the past 5 YEARS!”

  • I purchased the flag pattern several years ago. I finally started and got through the first set of stripes. Igloos beautiful! Now I am hung up on the stars. I see there is a video demonstration available. Can I access that? My order number was 1395772358. Thank you in advance.
    Kelly Gomez

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