Don’t Mess With My Yarn!!!


I laughed so hard when I saw this. This is sooo me. Take whatever you want, just leave the yarn. LOL. Can anyone else relate? I borrowed this cartoon from Clara over at Clara’s Crochet Room. Please go visit her blog. She’s got some other great cartoons (& crochet projects). Thanks Clara for making me laugh.

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  • >Thanks so much for your lovely comments. My 22 year old daughter Erika is the artist behind the cartoons. You are so talented having any time to crochet with such wonderful babes and family.

  • >Kristine, for some unknown reason I cannot add you to my blog list with your url and would like to. Any ideas why yours isn't working? Thanks!

  • Erika’s Cartoon made me laugh, also!! I am a 75 year old YOUNG crocheter! I am addicted to YARN and crocheting. Up until a few months ago, my yarn was stashed in bags in the bottom of closets, under my bed, etc. I never really knew what I had. So, I bought a room divider/display unit 5.5″ x 5.5″ and on rollers; it was divided up into 9 cubicles – each 19+” square. I bought combos of storage bin sizes to fit in the holes, sorted by color, type, etc. While they are clear tubs, I have labels of type & colors contained in each. Now I know at a glance what I have. Wish I had done this years ago!
    I have looked online at various people’s method of storing their yarn, but they all had the yarn exposed to the open air, which is not really sanitary – dust, hair, etc. can get in the yarn. Since I crochet hats for the Newborn Nursery, and lap robes for Nursing Homes, Children’s Hospitals, and for Veterans, having the yarn as clean as possible is especially .important.
    I had to use more than one tub in most holes, but it really works out well.

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