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The “Choose Your Own Adventure” Crochet Project

We all want our finished crochet project to look as gorgeous as the pictures we see online or in a magazine. But what did it take for that project to look that good? With Pinterest, and so many other social media outlets portraying the “perfect” 

My Mother Understands My Yarn “Issues”

Winner of Thursday’s giveaway is…….Tami Dragon. As I think back to all my mother has taught me, I am reminded of just how dedicated she was to her children. Her second greatest accomplishment (in my opinion) was teaching me to crochet. ;)  As I began 

Yarn Addiction?

How many can relate to this?  I know I can!!! Photo used with permission from knituition.blogspot.com It’s Friday!  Hope you all have a great weekend.  I’ll have a new FREE pattern to release on Monday morning. Happy Crocheting!

What Wouldn’t You Crochet?

Is there anything too wacky/weird to crochet?  I guess that depends on the artist, and the recipient.  My husband and I recently had this discussion.  I was surprised at his answer.  He thinks nothing for the bathroom should be crocheted.  Why?  Because, in his mind, 


Ok, most of you know I have a yarn hoarding problem.  I’m working on it….really, I am!  I’m trying really hard not to buy any yarn.  I even went out and invested in clear tubs so I could better see what I already have.  (I 

The “Other” Side of Crocheting

First, let me say that hubby loves to make me laugh.  He loves to tease me, but I know it’s all in fun.  So yesterday, I was trying to explain tunisian crochet to him.  I explained that all the stitches go on the hook and 

>Crochet vs. Knitting

>I’m hoping one of my knitting followers, or even a crocheter who knows how to knit will help me. For years I’ve heard about the tension between knitters and crocheters.  Never having experienced it I used to just laugh it off and think someone was 

My Mother – The Enabler

First, let me say, I love my mother.  I’m not calling her an enabler.  That’s what she called herself.  Let me give you a few quick & condensed descriptions of my mother. (you will need it for this story to be funny). She grew up in