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Caving to the Pressure

My yarn challenge for 2010 (see previous post) was to not buy any new yarn this year.  I wanted to use up my stash & save some money along the way.  I have a small allowance each month to spend if I need something to 

Soft Baby Steps by Red Heart

Last year I went into the craft store looking for yarn to make a baby blanket for a friend.  It was a last minute decision, so I needed to make this blanket fairly quick.  I love baby yarn but, in my opinion, it’s not great for last minute 


>Many of you may not know this but I am due with baby #6 in the next few weeks. The other day I decided to go down in the basement to pull out the baby clothes and wash them. Because this is girl #5 I have plenty of 

Yarn Challenge 2010

>I just found this great challenge on futuregirl.com. She challenged herself to not buy any craft supplies for the entire year of 2009. She gave herself a budget of $2 a month ($24 for the year) in case there was something she absolutely needed to