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Ok, I did a post the other day about my opinions on the pros and cons of yarn bombing. (click here for post)  Some made comments that they didn’t know what it was, so I thought I would shed some light on the subject.

According to wikipediayarn bombing is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or crocheted cloth rather than paint or chalk. (click here for full wikipedia article)

Basically it’s yarn graffitti.  Here’s some pics for those that have never seen any of it.  You should be able to click on the pic to go to the source.

Click here for larger image.
The only one I actually like is the flowers on the fence.
Brings life to the inner city.

So, if you didn’t know what yarn bombing was, now what do you think?  I still look at all these pics and think of all the things I could make with all that yarn, but that’s just me.  I don’t have money to throw away.  There is also much controversy because some say that because it is done in the dark, without permission, it is illegal.  I would suggest that if you plan on doing it, you at least call the town/city to make sure they don’t care. (just my opinion)
Happy Crocheting!

8 thoughts on “>Yarn Bombing Basics & Pics”

  • >I recently read another article about a yarn bombing and as it turns out, most cities do not have policies for convicting yarn bombers…only paint graffiti. I would suggest calling local law enforcement or doing some research to find out your cities rules. Oh, I like the flowers too. Very pretty! I don't understand using mass amounts of yarn to cover a bus, but I think the simple things can be nice. I guess the counter-argument to those saying it is a waste would be a comparison people who buy lawn ornaments or knick knacks for your house – they serve no purpose but to 'look pretty'… that's pretty much what some of the yarn bombing can be considered (although I covering a bus is not really pretty in my book LOL)

  • >Cris,I agree which is why I'm ultimately on the fence. It is unique and creative, but I don't have the money to invest in something like this. Not to mention my "to do" list is so long that I can't imagine taking the time to cover a bus, tree, building, bike, or anything else.

  • >Interesting photos – thanks for the lesson. I would not do it (especially not on someone else's property) because it does not interest me, even though I love to crochet. I'd rather see things as they are. It seems too much like littering to me…

  • >I've been so intrigued by how many people don't know about yarnbombing as well as how many people are opposed to it. Really great conversation starter for the crochet community!

  • >I used to live in Fullerton, California. They had either sheep or bulls on many corners of the city to decorate then to auction off to the highest bidder. I wonder if something like this would fly with yarn bombing?

  • >I actually like the bombing….ESP the statement on the tank! Your stash wouldn't be caught running out with one row left when spent hugging a tree trunk….just end it and be done! The fence flowers are the best though. I can't imagine using all that yarn for any one project either, but I appreciate the work and the fiber love for our surroundings.

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