Looking for a Fast Project? Crochet this Quick & Easy, Super Soft Throw

This super soft throw reminds me of big fluffy clouds that look like marshmallows! And there is something about soft and fluffy blankets that just make me want to curl up on the couch with a good book or in front of the tv with my favorite person.

The Marshmallow Sky Throw uses easy stitches with and extra large hook and super chunky yarn, which results in a super soft throw. You’ll be done and curled up in front of the fire in no time!

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Finished Sizes: 

  • Stroller – 24” x 28”
  • Lapghan – 40” x 44”
  • Throw – 48” x 55” 
  • Large Throw – 80” x 85”

Yarn: #6 super bulky/chunky
Sample used: Loops & Threads Cozy Wool in Fleece

  • Stroller – 26 oz/520 yds
  • Lapghan – 43 oz/830 yds
  • Throw – 50 oz/990 yds 
  • Large Throw – 84 oz/1654 yds

Crochet Hook: 19 mm

Notions: Yarn Needle


  • ch – chain
  • dc – double crochet
  • sc – single crochet
  • yo – yarn over

For a full list of abbreviations, please see my List of Abbreviations.


Ch 30 (50, 60 100).
Row 1: (Sc, dc) in 2nd ch from hook, sk next ch, *(sc, dc) in next ch, sk next ch; rep from * across to last ch, sc in last ch, turn. 29 (49, 59, 99) sts.

Row 2: Ch 1, (sc, dc) in first sc, sk next dc, *(sc, dc) in next sc, sk next dc; rep from * across to last sc, sc in last sc, turn. 29 (49, 59, 99) sts.

Rows 3–29 (47, 58, 93): Repeat Row 2. 


Round 1: 3 sc in corner, *sc in each row-end and chain down side of blanket, 3 sc in corner st**, sc in each ch across bottom, 3 sc in corner st, rep from * to **, sc in each st across top, sl st in first sc to join. 

The downloadable ad-free PDF is available for purchase in my shops:


Happy Crocheting!

8 thoughts on “Looking for a Fast Project? Crochet this Quick & Easy, Super Soft Throw”

  • Hi,
    I’ve ordered my Cozy Wool in lavender gray (19 skeins for the big throw) but where it the world will I find a 19mm crochet hook. How far off would I be if I used a 20MM? I got the pattern free through the blog hop. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

    • You could use either a 15mm or a 20mm. The 15 would make the stitches a bit tighter (but they are pretty loose and fluffy), and it would make it slightly smaller. If you went to a 20mm it would end up a tiny bit bigger and looser, but not much.

  • Loooove your pattern. I’ve done about 13 rows. And changing colour to put some delicate stripes in for a baby. Is there a wrong side to this pattern

  • At the end of the row is a single crochet on Marshmallow project. It doesn’t say if you chain 2? Chain 3? To begin next row.

    • It says it at the beginning of the row. It’s a ch 1. (I put it at the beginning of each row because it’s technically the start of the next row.)

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