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  • I was on pinetrest and saw a pattern for little owls. I understood most of the pattern but did not know what a “magic circle” was and how to work with it. Would you be able to help me out with this pattern and how to recreat it! Thank you.

    Sonora Fox-Roper

  • When crocheting the second (and subsequent) rows, I’m always confused about crocheting into a SC or DC. If you crochet into the little “V” on top, it’s never centered over the stitch – but if you center it over the stitch, it’s never in the little “V” on top. I know how to do most stitches, but this confuses me all the time. surely I’m not the only one. Can you help us?

  • I have been told that I created a new crochet stitch by many long time crocheting people. I am not sure if I did I know it’s a variation of one that I was learning for a baby blanket. I then had an idea and switched the stitch up a bit and also created a twin size blanket using 2 known stitches and my variation of one of the stitches. I have only been crocheting for 6 months now and learn stitches from videos then just imagine something and go at it. I created a beautiful twin size blanket for commission. Now I’m being asked what pattern I used. I didn’t use one I used 2 stitches and my variation of the one and created the design in my head. I have been told I should find out about the stitch I may have created as well as creating a pattern for my design. I have tons of ideas in my head about things that I want to create or design but don’t know what to do with all of this. Can you please advise me.
    Thank you,
    Katrina Snyder

    • Is it a single stitch, or a stitch combo, that you think is new? Stitches are copyrighted, so honestly there’s not much you can do other than share it with the world. :) You can however right up a pattern for a blanket or whatever else with the stitch, and that would be copyrighted.

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