Finding the Perfect Design Ideas

Do you look at a beautiful pattern and think, “That’s amazing! How did they come up that?” Design ideas can come from just about anywhere. The the beauty of designing a crochet pattern is that there is no right or wrong, just your imagination – 

6 Basic Steps to Designing Crochet Patterns

Welcome to the “Designing Your Own Crochet Pattern” Series. This series will guide you through some of the basics of crochet pattern design. If you have no desire to be a designer, stick with me anyway. You may be able to gain some valuable insight 

10 Reasons Not to be a Crochet Designer

Have you ever wanted to be a crochet designer? I recently took a survey and you (my readers) wanted some more info on the design process. I decided to have some blog posts focused on just that, but before I get into how to be 

3 Simple Steps to Writing Your Own Pattern

  Have you ever crocheted something and wished you knew how to write a pattern for it? Or do you have dreams of being an aspiring designer? Writing your own pattern doesn’t have to be scary. Here are 3 simple steps to help you get 

The Truth About Pattern Design

  There are so many crocheters that want to dive into the world of pattern design. One of the biggest questions I get is, “How do you go about designing a pattern?” The truth about pattern design is this…. Every designer has their own way