Linked Double Crochet (LDC) Tutorial

The linked double crochet is a double crochet stitch that links to the previous double crochet. The result is a more closed appearance than the regular double crochet gives. Here are the 6 easy steps to making the linked double crochet (ldc) and an example 

How to Add Fringe to Your Crochet Project

Do you ever just want to add a finishing touch to your crochet project? Fringe goes on just about anything. Scarves & cowls, purses & bags, skirts, and so much more. Below I will show you how to add fringe to any crochet project in 

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL Links

My Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL is one of my most read and pinned series of posts. The project was a way to learn Tunisian crochet, or even explore some new Tunisian stitches you’ve never tried before. It continues to be wildly popular – thank you Pinterest! 

Cheap Yarn Tote Solution

I’ve been planning this fairly big project, that will by my best guess, have at least 4 colors going at any given time. I have project bags coming out the wazoo (Is that even a word? lol) but not one of them is made for a 

Alternative To The Magic Ring

If you found this post because you’re having difficulty working the magic circle, I have 2 suggestions that may help. 1)  DON’T GIVE UP!  You can do it.  I tell my girls all the time, “Practice makes perfect.” 2)  Here is a simple alternative I 

How To Make A Crochet Magic Ring

There is definitely a benefit to using a crochet magic ring, or magic circle, over the traditional beginning chain where you slip stitch into a ring.  What is that benefit?  There will be no space in the center of your project.  It will completely “seal” 

(DC, FPdc) in next stitch

This is the main increase stitch I use for my Textured Slouchy Beret, and I’ve had enough questions about it, so here is a tutorial.  Hopefully this will help, but if you still have questions don’t hesitate to ask. (DC, FPdc) in next dc means 

Stranding – Using Multiple Colors In Your Crochet Project

This photo tutorial is for use with my American Flag beanie, or any other project, where you need to incorporate more than one color into your work.  There are 2 seperate methods of color changing, but I’ll be showing you stranding method. STEP 1:  You 

How to Fix a Tilting or Twisting Granny Square

>Have you ever made a granny afghan, and at some point in the process it starts to look “tilted” or “twisted”?  The picture below shows this gorgeous afghan from Thornberry.  If you look closely it has a slight tilt to the center of the square.  

How to Fasten Off Your Crochet Project

Have you ever had the perfect crochet project, that has no border, and you come to the end where it says Fasten Off and you cringe because you know you won’t be able to hide it?  Or, have you been told you should not use