Laurel Hill Crochet Hook Review

Laurel Hill Crochet Hook Review

Many years ago I purchased a wooden hook and I was so disappointed. It gave me a blister and after just using it a couple times the finish had worn off and it would catch on the yarn. I went back to my trusty ole 

Ergonomically Correct Crochet Hooks

When I was pregnant with my 4th child (about 8 years ago) I started having problems while crocheting.  After less than 5 minutes (yes I timed it) I would get severe hand pain.  I would rest my hands and try again, only to have to 

Change in Susan Bates Hook Design

I recently had a customer ask me if I knew anything about the Susan Bates hooks, and the change in their shape. My first reaction was, WHAT?!?!?!  I’ve always been a Susan Bates fan, but have had my hooks forever.  I was tempted to run