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Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL Links

My Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL is one of my most read and pinned series of posts. The project was a way to learn Tunisian crochet, or even explore some new Tunisian stitches you’ve never tried before. It continues to be wildly popular – thank you Pinterest! 

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 12

This is going to be the last section of the CAL.  If you’d like the scarf to be longer you can just repeat any/all of the sections we’ve done.  I will do a separate post on how to end your tunisian project.  When you are 

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 11

The tunisian honeycomb stitch is a combination of TSS & TPS stitches alternatively worked across the row.   Section 11 –  Honeycomb Stitch   TSS = insert hook behind next vertical bar, yo, pull up a loop (section 1 of scarf) TPS = move yarn 

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 10

The tunisian net stitch is worked between stitches, as opposed to most of the stitches which are worked with the vertical bar.   Section 10 –  Net Stitch (also known as the Tunisian full stitch)   TSS = insert hook between next 2 vertical bars, 

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 9

The tunisian berry stitch is made very similar to the regular crocheted berry stitch. You use a regular TSS (section 1) and add some texture. It looks like a lot of rows, but once you get the pattern going it doesn’t take long.   Section 

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 8

By changing the order in which you add the vertical bars to your hook you can create different looks and textures. Let’s try a slanted pattern. (I once saw this called the “Fabric Pattern” but not sure if that’s what it’s officially called.)   Section 

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 7

We had a few people interested in starting the CAL last week. Yay! I know, for myself, if a project is too far under way, I won’t jump on board, so I decided to give them a few days to catch up. Today let’s try 

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 6

It’s been an interesting couple of days around my house. I have the world’s happiest most miserable teether…. And my 4 year old was trying to get the eraser off her pencil, and using force only a 4 year old can muster, pulled so hard that 

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 5

Today let’s work the Tunisian Double Stitch (TDS).  Very similar to a dc, in the aspect that you yo first to make the stitch taller than a regular TSS. Section 5 – TDS Row 52:  ch1, skip 1st vertical bar, * yo (see fig.1), insert hook behind 

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 4

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 4

By combining 2 of these stitches, we can create a basketweave pattern.  We’ll use the TKS & the TPS, which were our second and third sections. Section 4 – Basket Weave Row 37:  skip 1st vertical bar, TKS (section 3) in next 3 sts, * TPS