Tunisian SC Bind Off

When going a tunisian project you need to do a finishing row, otherwise will have gaps in your between your stitches and your work may look like this……. Here is how to do a sc bind off.  (for those that know how to crochet it is similar 

Tunisian Purl Stitch – TPS

The tunisian purl stitch (TPS) it is also known as just the purl stitch. If you compare it to the knit purl stitch they look very similar. 1)  skip 1st vertical bar (directly below loop on hook), * bring yarn in front of work/hook, 2)  working behind yarn insert hook 

Tunisian Simple Stitch – TSS

Here is a photo tutorial to work the tunisian simple stitch (TSS).  Here are a few other names it is also known by. TSS – tunisian simple stitch afghan simple stitch tunisian basic stitch Chain any number of desired stitches 1)  crochet in back ridge of beginning