Crochet Conversion Chart

I thought it would be a good reference to post a conversion chart for common crochet terms.  The UK & the US use the same stitches, but we each call them something different.  Here are the most common stitches.






single crochet (sc)

double crochet (dc)

double crochet (dc)

treble (tr)

half double crochet (hdc)

half treble (htr)

triple crochet (trc)

double treble (dtr)

slip stitch (sl st)

slip stitch (sl st)



All of my patterns are written in US terms.  So, (for my UK crocheters) if my pattern states SC, you will crochet what you consider a DC.  Make sense?  If you have any questions, or need help, just ask.


Happy Crocheting! 

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