2020 Word of the Year – CONSISTENCY

2020 Word of the Year – CONSISTENCY

Picking a word of the year has grown in popularity over the last few years. I’ve been doing it every year since 2014, and to be honest, those first couple years I didn’t take it nearly as seriously as I have the past 3 years. 

5 Things I Will NOT Do in 2020

5 Things I Will NOT Do in 2020

Do you ever get frustrated that you make resolutions and then end up (unintentionally) breaking them? I used to all the time. But what if a different approach works better? Last year was the 2nd time I made a different kind of list. I wrote 

5 Things I Will NOT Do In 2019

5 Things I Will NOT Do In 2019

In 2016 I wrote the post, 5 Things I Will NOT Do in 2016 and it changed my whole outlook on how my year would play out. It wasn’t a list of resolutions I could break, it was a list of things I wanted to change 

18 Before 2018 – Goal Setting Challenge

 Most of us love a good CAL but what if I share a different kind of challenge? It’s called 18 Before 2018 and it’s a goal setting challenge. Today I’m listing 18 goals I want to complete before 2018, and I’m challenging you to make 

Your Best Year 2017 Book Review

This week I’m stepping out from my normal crochet book review and doing a different kind of book review. Your Best Year 2017 is a workbook & creative planner, but it is also SO much more. If you struggle with being productive, staying on track, 

17 Before 2017 – Plan Ahead, Finish Strong!

It’s that time of year when we start thinking about how fast this year flew by and realizing how many things we didn’t finish. After creating a 16 Before 2016 last year, I decided this is a great practice to get into for the 4th 

The 3 P’s of a Professional Crochet Designer

I’m going to go out on a limb here when I say that there is a difference between a crochet designer and a professional crochet designer. One word can make a huge difference and that word is professional. The word professional when used as an adjective 

Should You Charge for Patterns? The Free vs. Paid Dilemma

Should you charge for patterns or offer them for free? That is the question many designers struggle with. It’s even been a popular topic in some crochet groups, and it can become a heated discussion at times. Before you make any decisions there are a 

Basic Copyright for Crocheters

Most designers have seen a pattern and thought that they could take it and put their own spin on it. Or they’ve come up with a great idea by seeing something else. There is a fine line between an original design and copy someone else’s 

Creating Your Crochet Brand

When I began designing 9 years ago I didn’t think about things like branding. I didn’t ever think that almost 10 years later there would be hundreds of designers and I would need to distinguish myself from everyone else out there. Yet, here I am