Astoria Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

The Astoria Infinity was inspired by my daughter’s mission – A Heart for the Homeless. I was asked what patterns would be a good fit for the hats & scarves. The quick answer is, anything! But I decided to add some quick & easy patterns that will be available free of charge to anyone who would like to help her.


The Astoria Infinity was designed for A Heart for the Homeless donations and is a free pattern by Ambassador Crochet.


The Astoria section of Queens, NY is one of the places where my daughter fell in love with mission work and the outreach to the homeless. This scarf was designed for her A Heart for the Homeless ministry, but I hope you will enjoy it for any gift – to others or just make one for yourself.

If you make something to donate, please use the hashtag #aheartforthehomeless or #ambassadorcrochet – we’d love to see what you’re making.


The Astoria Infinity was designed for A Heart for the Homeless donations and is a free pattern by Ambassador Crochet.


Astoria Infinity Scarf


Finished Size:  8″ wide x 60″ long (before seaming)

Yarn: 7 oz. – #4 worsted weight

  • Sample used Hobby Lobby “I Love This Yarn!” in Mid Green

Hook Size: Size J/10 (6.00 mm)

Notions: Yarn Needle

Gauge: 12 tr = 4 inches and 10 rows = 6 inches

Special Stitches:  treble (tr)

Notes: For help with abbreviations – see my List of Abbreviations.




Ch 24,

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across, turn. (23 sc)

Row 2: Ch 3 (does not count as tr), tr in same sc as beg ch 3, *skip next sc, 2 tr in next sc, rep from * across, turn. (23 tr)   

Row 3: Ch 1, sc in each tr across, leave beg ch 3 unworked, turn. (23 sc)

Row 4–100: Rep Rows 2 & 3.


Fasten off, leaving 12″ tail for seaming.

Using tail, whip stitch short ends together.

Weave in ends.


This would look amazing in a solid color, stripes, or so many other variations. I’d love to see your version.


How to donate


For more information on how and where to donate hats & scarves to A Heart for the Homeless please see the following links:

A Heart for the Homeless – Mission: Hats & Scarves – has the story behind my daughter’s mission and why she wants to collect 1000 hats & 1000 scarves.

Ambassador Crochet Community – My FB group has the shipping address.


If you’d like a downloadable version of this pattern, you can purchase it in my Ravelry shop for a minimal fee ($1.00), which helps cover the cost of the selling & listing fees.



Happy Crocheting!


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A Heart for the Homeless – Mission: Hats & Scarves

This summer my 15 year old daughter went on a mission trip with our church’s youth group. They spent a week working in soup kitches and doing outreach ministry to the homeless – which included handing out blankets and food – and even doing some worship on the streets of NYC (which was probably one of her favorite parts of the trip).

She came home with a strong desire to keep helping. She began working in a local soup kitchen but still felt the need to do more. Then she came up with the idea that she wanted to make hats and scarves to hand out at Christmastime in hopes of blessing these people, as well as to help them stay warm.

She has now enlisted us as a family (herself, me, and her 4 sisters), plus the help of her youth group. Most of them don’t crochet – but they’re willing to learn! But in order to reach her goal, she needs even more help.


A Heart for the Homeless - Mission: Hats & Scarves - donations being accepted.





Crocheters are some of the most giving people I have ever met. Whenever there is a cause they are willing to invest their time to crocheting and donate to that cause. So I told my daughter I would ask for help. She has set a goal of 1000 hats and 1000 scarves! She will be headed back to NYC to hand them out in November, and our youth group will be handing them out locally as well. She wants every person she comes in contact with to be blessed.


How can you help?

Crochet hats and/or scarves. Send all finished items to me before November 15th, 2017.
Quick & easy hats and scarves. They don’t need to be fancy, just warm.

I will be posting weekly hat & scarf patterns for you to use, but feel free to use any pattern you already have.


As a thank you

She is doing this from her heart so I want to bless her socks off. I will be holding all packages that come in, and will go live on my FB page (date TBD) so that you can all be with me when she sees what you’ve done to help her.

As a thank you, everyone who sends a package will be entered into a drawing. One winner will receive every premium pattern I release in 2018. Drawing will be held 11/28/2017.



  • Knit or crocheted hats and scarves.
  • Acrylic or wool would be best because they will hold heat better.
  • Primarily adult sizes (approx. 21-22″ head circumference)
  • Any hat or scarf pattern is great!
  • Neutral colors (brown, gray, blues, etc) are better, but not required. My daughter said there are just as many women that could use warmth, so any color(s) are great!
  • Shipping address is available in my Ambassador Crochet Community FB group or by emailing me through the contact form.
  • Make sure you add a note with your name and Ravelry id in case you are the winner.


Some have asked about patterns. Anything is great! But I have designed some specifically with this project in mind – so they’re quick & easy.

Astoria Infinity

Astoria Hat


If you have ANY questions please get ahold of me through my FB page or our Ambassador Crochet Community group.


This whole thing has touched me on a whole different level – for reasons I can’t share at this point because it’s too hard. But Sarah is an inspiration to me. She has taken a topic that has been very hard on our family (homelessness) and turned it into a positive way she can do her part and I am super proud of her. I hope you will consider helping us.



Thank you for your help!



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Lapghan of Love Crochet Pattern

The Lapghan of Love crochet pattern was created especially for those going through chemo, or other health related struggles, that could use some extra warmth. When you add some love from the maker it is sure to bring some comfort when they need it most. The lapghan is a small throw size and made with super bulky weight yarn, so it will work up quickly.


Lapghan of Love crochet pattern was made for those going through chemo, or other health related struggles, that could use some extra warmth. Crochet pattern by Ambassador Crochet.

Lapghan of Love Crochet Pattern


Pattern Rating: Beginner – You will need to know basic stitches, but I do offer pattern support for any questions that you may have.

Yarn Used: #6 super bulky (I used Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Cranberry and Fisherman)

Hook Size: S – Speed Hook

The following sizes included with the pattern:
Lapghan – approx. 43″ x 46″

You will receive an email with the pattern link as soon as payment clears.


*This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you subscribe or purchase something through the links provided. Please note: I will never become an affiliate partner for a product or service that I don’t use and love! Not all links are affiliates.


Happy Crocheting!


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Climbing Ivy Super Scarf Crochet Pattern

Charity has always been a big part of where my crochet heart is at, so I’m excited to be a part of this year’s scarf drive. Sonya from Blackstone Designs has done all the legwork and gotten a great group of designers together to create scarf patterns. The intent is for the crochet community to reach out and donate to help those in need. There are so many places that these scarves can be donated to.  Think about schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, or even wrap them around a park bench with a note for someone who may be spending the night on that bench.


Climbing Ivy Super Scarf by Ambassador Crochet


I decided for my scarf I wanted to do a super scarf for two reasons. First of all, they’re all the rage this year. But secondly, I have a heart for the homeless and a super scarf would be just a bit of extra warmth for someone out there that may need it.


Climbing Ivy Super Scarf


Climbing Ivy Super Scarf by Ambassador Crochet

 *This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you subscribe or purchase something through the links provided. Please note: I will never become an affiliate partner for a product or service that I don’t use and love! Not all links are affiliates.



Finished Size: Scarf – approx. 11½” wide x 105” long.

Yarn: #5 bulky weight yarn – 15 oz.

  • Sample made with Charisma Big! by Loops & Threads in colorway “Forest”

Hook: Size – L/11 (8.00 mm)

Notions: Yarn Needle


Scarf Pattern

Ch 28.

Row 1: (dc, sc) in 4th ch from hook, sk next 3 chs, *(dc, sc) in next ch, sk next 3 chs, rep from * across, turn. (7 dc, sc combos)

Row 2: Ch 2, *(dc, sc) in 1st dc, *ch 3, (dc, sc) in next dc, rep from * across, turn.

Rows 3 – 140: Rep Row 2.

Fasten off.

If you’re not familiar with the super scarf, Yarnspirations has a great video.



If you haven’t already, join us over at the Charity Drive FB group! I’d love to hear where you’re donating your scarves to.

If you need ideas for places you can donate to, check out my Crochet from the Heart post.


Happy Crocheting!


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What to do When a Prayer Shawl Doesn’t Fit

The original prayer shawl ministry began in 1998 and has spread so much in the last 18 years. If you’ve never heard of it, to quick, overall concept is, you make a shawl and pray for the recipient before and while you’re making it, in hopes that once the shawl is received it will bring both the recipient and the maker some comfort. (My definition of their purpose was adapted from the shawl ministry website.) I think the part that states “bring the maker some comfort” comes from the fact that crocheters (and knitters) are not only generous, but we want to help others and do more, and that’s what we know how to do. So we make…


A prayer shawl is a great way to pray for others and give them something to help comfort them. But what happens when a prayer shawl doesn't fit?


What to do When a Prayer Shawl
Doesn’t Fit


While I love the prayer shawl ministry – I have made and given some away – I recently came to the realization that sometimes a prayer shawl doesn’t fit. But I don’t mean that in the literal sense of the “fit” meaning.

I recently wrote the post Crochet from the Heart and talked about a little boy from our church who has brain cancer….and the doctors prognosis wasn’t good. But we are praying God has a bigger plan for Jacob’s life, so our church prays….and prays. I wanted to do more, and thought about the prayer shawl ministry. But a prayer shawl just isn’t a good fit for a little 5 year old boy. Then I wondered, “Why does it have to be a shawl?” So I made up my own rules. I decided to make Jacob a prayer blanket.

If you’ve been around for any length of time you know I don’t make anything with a trademark, although I have been known to Break My Own Rules on occasion. This is one of those occasions. While Jacob lay in the hospital clinging to life, I needed to do something because, as a parent, my heart was broken. I can’t imagine having to walk through that trial. So I decided to make something and focus on what he loves best….hockey.

His favorite team is the Montreal Canadiens, so I set out to work. I made a prayer blanket, but I made it to look like the jersey (same color stripes) and then created the logo. I have had requests for the blanket pattern, so it is available for purchase, but the logo is NOT part of the pattern.


Jacob's Prayer Blanket crochet pattern - $3.50 crochet pattern by Ambassador Crochet ***Logo is NOT part of the pattern!***


The prayer blanket is the perfect lap throw size, or toddler size if you choose to use it for a child. There are instructions on how to easily adjust the size if you choose to.


Jacob's Prayer Blanket crochet pattern - $3.50 crochet pattern by Ambassador Crochet


For more information on where to donate crochet items, please see my post – Crochet from the Heart.


Happy Crocheting!


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Crochet from the Heart

Sometimes there are no words. Sometimes there is nothing you can do to make things better. And I think many times, when your heart is breaking, crocheters (and crafters in general) want to do something. Anything…. That’s when many of us pick up our hooks, and we crochet from the heart…


Crochet from the Heart - Using your love of crochet to bless others.


Crochet from the Heart


For as long as I’ve been crocheting, I love seeing someone blessed by something I have made, especially if it puts a smile on their face. And when I first began my design work, I tried to continue both, but slowly my giving just went by the wayside. I’ve still made some preemie hats and gifts, but not nearly as many as my heart tugs at me to do.

About a month ago, a little 5 year old boy at our church was diagnosed with brain cancer. In a matter of a couple weeks he went from having a tumor to the cancer encasing his entire brain. The doctors said they had never seen anything spread so fast and said he had, “the worst, of the worst, of the worst….” They started chemo and radiation in a matter of a few hours. And our entire church prayed, and prayed….and we’re still praying. It has spread through our community and there are so many people praying for this little boy and his family (he also has a 2 year old and infant sister at home).

When I feel helpless in situations like this, I could just sit here and cry. Cry for his parents because my heart goes out to them. Cry for him, because no one – never mind a 5 year old little boy – should have to endure anything like this. Cry for anyone who has to go through something like this. Instead I picked up my hook and decided to do what I know how to do best. I decided to make a prayer blanket. After all, I wondered, why does it have to be a prayer shawl? The concept is to pray over the person while you’re making it. And pray I have been.

If you’re a crocheter, there are so many ways to help – so many charities that accept donations. One thing I know is this:

Community is at the heart of it all.


I have realized that each and every charity that I have donated to, I somehow have a personal investment in. (You don’t need to, this is just me personally.) Here are a list of just a few types of charities I have donated to. There are many more than you can reach out to.

Preemies – There are dozens of organizations that take preemie hats, blankets, as well as burial gowns for those who have preemies, micro-preemies, have had a stillborn, or lost a child at birth. You can also donate to your local hospital.

I have a personal heart for these women. Years ago I began Wrapped in Love Ministries and was making blankets (and hats) for mother’s of preemies. (You can read my story here.)

Pregnancy Centers – Some pregnancy crisis centers give an ultrasound before you have an abortion. Many of those women choose to keep the baby once they see the life inside them. What better gift than to walk out with a handmade blanket/hat to start your journey into motherhood?

My friend Ruth Tilley donated hundreds of blankets every year (like 300-500 blankets every year!) to Arlington-Mansfield Pregnancy Center (now called Metroplex Women’s Clinic). When she passed away I wanted to carry on her legacy and donate to them (obviously not nearly as many as she did). I want to make this a priority and start doing this again.

Cancer/Chemo Hats – Again, there are so many great organizations that take these and distribute them, or you can donate them to a local cancer hospital, if you have one nearby.

You can make chemo hats for all ages, and so many of you do, but my heart is drawn to children. I had to Break My Own Rules for this little girl from our church (who by the way is in remission!).

Homeless Shelters – Many homeless shelters will take hats and scarves. Many will take blankets. For the ones that won’t, you may be able to donate to a local soup kitchen that is set up near the homeless shelter.

I have a personal heart tug for this that I just can’t talk about because it hurts too much. Just know that someone’s mother/sister/brother would be forever grateful knowing that someone took the time to make something to keep their loved one warm. It would mean the world to them.

Veterans – There are a few organizations that distribute blankets to VA hospitals, or if you have one nearby you can ask if you can drop them off (and maybe visit with some veterans while you’re there.)

At some point in the last couple years I realized I have a heart for veterans. My husband is one, as well as my brother and brother-in-law. I also know countless others who have family that have come back and they’re struggling with PTSD. Someday I would love to invest my ministry in them with some blankets.

Prayer Shawls – Many churches and local communities have a prayer shawl ministry. My aunt belongs to one in ME and I know several others who are involved in them. It is an amazing outreach and one that can definitely use an extra set of crocheting hands.


Some items that you can crochet…. prayer shawls, hats, blankets, scarves, washcloths.

There are so many local, as well as national, charities. I have just touched on a few. Do you donate to any that I could add to the list?

Happy Crocheting!


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