2020 Word of the Year – CONSISTENCY

Picking a word of the year has grown in popularity over the last few years. I’ve been doing it every year since 2014, and to be honest, those first couple years I didn’t take it nearly as seriously as I have the past 3 years.

But the results I’ve had when I started to take it seriously were so evident that I don’t take picking my word lightly anymore. For instance, last year I struggled to pick a word and at the end of the year felt like I should pick Fearless. I had no idea why, but I went with it. A month later my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and the entire year was a roller coaster. I could have easily given up on my business, staying positive and joyful, and any number of other things. But that word fearless kept me going on many occassions.

This year has been no different. I had no idea…. and then it hit me.

2020 Word of the Year - Consistency


My first word of the year was in 2014 and it was FOCUS. Since then I’ve had the words Believe (2015), Confidence (2016), Transform (2017), Abundance (2018), and Fearless (2019).

So, this year I will strive to have consistency in the following areas.

  • Financial: I will stay consistent with my design releases, blogging, and responding to crocheters who need help with a pattern.
  • Spiritual: I will be consistent in setting aside time each day to read my bible and devotionals. I know God has a plan for my life and for my business and that if I follow Him this year He will guide me.
  • Mental: I will be consistent in my household chores, daily/weekly tasks (ex: paying bills), and get rid of unused/unneeded clutter to help manage/reduce my stress. I can manage my crazy schedule (homeschool, dance for 5 girls, and my business) but I need to be on a consistent schedule with what I am juggling.
  • Relational: I will make consistent time for my friends and family so they know how important they are to me.
  • Physical: I will be consistent with my running. I will reach my goal weight this year….and keep it off!

Now that I’ve decided to create consistency in my life, I will try to remind myself:

Consistency is more important than perfection.

If I mess up, it’s ok. I give myself permission to make mistakes. But then I’ll pick myself up and keep moving forward.

Do you pick a word for the year? What will be your word to focus on this year? I’d love to know.

Looking forward to a great 2020!

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