The #1 Reason to Save Your First Crochet Project

Are you wondering what to do with that first crochet project? Maybe you feel like it came out terrible and you can’t possibly give it away. Or maybe you just want to frog it and start over. STOP! Read this before you make any decisions. 

Does the Beginning Chain Count as a Stitch?

I get emails all the time asking for pattern help. One of the questions I hear the most is, “How do I know if the beginning chain is included in the stitch count?” – or similar versions of the same question. I can’t give you 

5 Crochet Techniques To Expand Your Skills

Once you have the basics of crochet down pat, and you’ve learned tons of stitches, you may get to a point where you want to expand your skills and knowledge. There are so many stitches and crochet techniques out there to explore. I have 5 

Is Crochet Gauge Important?

What is crochet gauge?  Your crochet gauge refers to how many stitches, or pattern repeats, across and how many rows will fit into a 4″ X 4″ square. If for some reason the pattern repeat won’t fit into a 4″ square the designer will try 

Stitch Marker Alternatives

Do you use stitch markers?  I’ve always used Boye stitch markers, and liked them.  They work well and slide easily in and out of stitches….until recently. I finally found a project they don’t work for….a stuffed frog!  Because you use a smaller hook to make 

Tunisian Sampler Scarf Crochet Along

Due to my children having strep throat last week, I didn’t get as much done on the tunisian scarf as I had hoped.  BUT, I’m planning on kicking off the CAL next Monday (4/2).  Interest has been split between whether to do it here, or 

Tunisian Crochet Sampler Scarf Crochet-A-Long

Is anyone up for a CAL?  I’m working on a sampler scarf done in basic tunisian stitches, and I thought it would make for a great, learn as you go, crochet a long. If you think you might be interested just let me know when 

Learning Tunisian Crochet

>I have a ‘someday’ list.  Mostly it’s in my head, but it’s things I’d like to try someday.  I’ve always wanted to give knitting a try, mostly just to say I tried, but there are other things too, like tunisian crochet (old people like me used to call 

How to Fasten Off Your Crochet Project

Have you ever had the perfect crochet project, that has no border, and you come to the end where it says Fasten Off and you cringe because you know you won’t be able to hide it?  Or, have you been told you should not use