Laurel Hill Crochet Hook Review

Many years ago I purchased a wooden hook and I was so disappointed. It gave me a blister and after just using it a couple times the finish had worn off and it would catch on the yarn. I went back to my trusty ole metal hooks and hadn’t really considered ever trying wooden hooks again. Until this month…..

Laurel Hill Crochet Hooks

As National Crochet Month (March) came around this year, I was given the opportunity to try a Laurel Hill wooden hook. I hesitated and wondered if it was worth it given my past experience. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s that you shouldn’t judge one company based on another. Think about it. What would happen if you tried a brand yarn and absolutely didn’t like it, would you never buy yarn again?

I decided to try one out and was sooo pleased with it!

The wood is gorgeous, but even more importantly is the handle and feel of it. The thumb groove is in just the right spot – no blisters, yay! – and the yarn glides very smoothly over the wood finish.

I designed and crocheted the Mountain Majesty cowl pattern specifically to go with my new Laurel Hill hook and I think they make the perfect pair.

*Disclaimer* – This crochet hook was provided to me in exchange for a review. All comments and the review are based on my honest opinion.

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