Tunisian Purl Stitch – TPS

The tunisian purl stitch (TPS) it is also known as just the purl stitch. If you compare it to the knit purl stitch they look very similar.

1)  skip 1st vertical bar (directly below loop on hook), * bring yarn in front of work/hook,

2)  working behind yarn insert hook under next vertical bar,

3)  wrap yarn to back of hook,

4)  yo,


5)  pull up a loop,

6)  repeat from * across to last bar, insert hook through both loops of last stitch.

To complete row: yo, pull through 1st loop on hook, * yo, pull through 2 loops, repeat from * across until 1 loop remains.

Tunisian Purl Stitch - TPS


Happy Crocheting!

3 thoughts on “Tunisian Purl Stitch – TPS”

  • I have been looking for the Tunisian purl stitch. I’m a bit confused looking at the pictures but I am going to try doing it. I saw the honeycomb Tunisian stitch & it called for the purl stitch. I think it was on the Crotchet-me or Interweave site.

      • I saw a tutorial teaching different Tunisian stitches. Something unexpected came up, I forgot to bookmark and have NO idea where I saw it now. Do you know of a Tunisian site that has video showing a LOT of Tunisian stitches? I sure would appreciate any help you can give me. I’m going to hunt all over your site in a few minutes. Thank you.

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