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The “Choose Your Own Adventure” Crochet Project

We all want our finished crochet project to look as gorgeous as the pictures we see online or in a magazine. But what did it take for that project to look that good? With Pinterest, and so many other social media outlets portraying the “perfect” […]

My Mother Understands My Yarn “Issues”

Winner of Thursday’s giveaway is…….Tami Dragon. As I think back to all my mother has taught me, I am reminded of just how dedicated she was to her children. Her second greatest accomplishment (in my opinion) was teaching me to crochet. ;)  As I began […]

Yarn Addiction?

How many can relate to this?  I know I can!!! Photo used with permission from knituition.blogspot.com It’s Friday!  Hope you all have a great weekend.  I’ll have a new FREE pattern to release on Monday morning. Happy Crocheting!

What Wouldn’t You Crochet?

Is there anything too wacky/weird to crochet?  I guess that depends on the artist, and the recipient.  My husband and I recently had this discussion.  I was surprised at his answer.  He thinks nothing for the bathroom should be crocheted.  Why?  Because, in his mind, […]


Ok, most of you know I have a yarn hoarding problem.  I’m working on it….really, I am!  I’m trying really hard not to buy any yarn.  I even went out and invested in clear tubs so I could better see what I already have.  (I […]

The “Other” Side of Crocheting

First, let me say that hubby loves to make me laugh.  He loves to tease me, but I know it’s all in fun.  So yesterday, I was trying to explain tunisian crochet to him.  I explained that all the stitches go on the hook and […]

>Crochet vs. Knitting

>I’m hoping one of my knitting followers, or even a crocheter who knows how to knit will help me. For years I’ve heard about the tension between knitters and crocheters.  Never having experienced it I used to just laugh it off and think someone was […]

My Mother – The Enabler

First, let me say, I love my mother.  I’m not calling her an enabler.  That’s what she called herself.  Let me give you a few quick & condensed descriptions of my mother. (you will need it for this story to be funny). She grew up in […]