Holiday Baby Cocoon Free Crochet Pattern

A few years ago I read the book “Knit Together” by Debbie Macomber.  While it wasn’t what I expected, it was still an amazing book.  One of the things she encourages you to do is to make a couple lists of things you would like to accomplish.  One is short terms goals, and the other is things you think would never happen, things beyone your reach, but you would be thrilled if they ever got accomplished.

One of the top 5 things on my list was to have a pattern published professionally.   Just one pattern, just to say I did.  I wasn’t/am not really looking to “break into” the business.  I’m happy just selling my patterns on my own, but it was one of those “someday” goals.  On my birthday this year,  I received an email from Red Heart asking if they could purchase one of my patterns!  WHAT!?!?!  I was exstatic!  I called hubby and asked him if it was ok to say yes.  Before you wonder why I would do such a thing, I’ll explain.  The catch was, I had to make the item they wanted, in the yarn they wanted, but I had a deadline of less than 3 weeks.  Not a lot of time when you have 6 children, homeschool, etc.  Plus, I don’t like deadlines.  But, this was what I’d always wanted.  Of course hubby said yes, after all he knows my dreams and goals.  Ok, fast forward about 6 months.

This morning I received my Red Heart “12 Weeks of Christmas” email this morning, and look what was in it.

Holiday Baby Cocoon

I am beyond excited!  The pattern is available free, through the Red Heart website.  Here is the link if you’re interested.

Holiday Baby Cocoon


Happy Crocheting!

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