12 Days of Free Crochet Patterns – Day 1

Many of us are finishing up last minute shopping, or gift making. Maybe you’re just making decorations. Or maybe you still have no idea what you’re going to make! (this has been me more than once!)  Whatever the stage your at, I’m pretty sure we can all use some more crochet ideas. So I’ve decided to do 12 Days of Crochet Patterns.  Every day, for the next 12 days, I will post a free pattern of my own, or a link to a pattern I have found that I think you may like.

For day 1 I’m going to give you a link to this Christmas Cocoon. For those who are newer here, my one goal was to have one pattern professionally publish. Red Heart helped me achieve that goal last year! This is my pattern, published by Red Heart!

Red Heart CocoonRed Heart Christmas Cocoon

If you have a free pattern you love, let me know and maybe we can get it added in the next 12 days!

Happy Crocheting! 


7 thoughts on “12 Days of Free Crochet Patterns – Day 1”

  • Merry Christmas, We love your patterns and your website. Day 1 Adorable little Santa Baby all wrapped up in a cocoon… So precious. Thank you.
    If I may make a request please. Snood aka hairnet, for fine long hair. One that can use a Holiday Yarn or Crochet Thread as well as yarn or crochet thread for everyday. The patterns are hard to find and most are for thicker type hair. They make great gifts and for the person making them. Girls of all ages just love’m. Hope you will include this on the 12 days of Christmas. God’s Blessins to you and yours.

      • Thank you., on the Snoods. You need Christmas Holiday time also. Is their anything we can do for you, you do so much for all of us?? That will give us a head start on 2013 Christmas Gifts for a lot more, plus do some for Charity.

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