5 Things I Will NOT Do in 2022

Am I the only one that has made New Year’s Resolutions only to break them by the end of January?

No? Good.

I’m glad I’m not alone.

That’s exactly why I stopped making them. Instead, here’s my solution…..

Make a list of things you will NOT do this year! 

It wasn’t a list of resolutions I would break. It was a list of things I would not do. Things I wanted to change about myself and/or my business and the way I lived.

It changed my whole outlook on how my year would go.

When I wrote my first 5 Things I Will NOT Do list back in 2016 I did so good about sticking to that list.

My lists in 2019 & 2020 . . . . not as successful. Even my 2021 list wasn’t 100% successful, but I made progress.

But I feel like my life is changing so much that I need to make another list and read it regularly.

So, here goes . . . . .


  1. I will not worry about what other people think of me – This is mostly a personal one, but one that I struggle with a lot. I will not be an overthinker anymore (claiming it!) and I want to stop worrying that I wish people would know/understand my intentions or “my side” of a situation. If they don’t ask, or don’t like me because of something, I want to learn to be ok with that. This will probably be a hard one for me, but I’m determined to make progress!
  2. I will not be a fair weather blogger anymore – Honestly, I feel like “I will not ignore my blog” ends up on this list every other year or so. So I’m recommitting to it for this year with a twist. It’s not about ignoring my blog (which I didn’t the last couple years). It’s more about making a long term committment to it. I love helping people with it and want to make that my focus again.
  3. I will not chase squirrels – I know what my community loves and I want to help more crocheters in my community. I also want to create more patterns that will fit into that niche. I’ve been known to jump into blog hops, bundles, etc. and create something that, while it’s a great pattern, doesn’t really fit what my crocheters love to make. While there is a place for all the collaborations, I will be stepping back from most of those unless they fill a need for my customer. I’m here to serve you!
  4. I will not give up on my running goals – I started running about 3 years ago as a way to help me deal with some stress going on in my life. So this year I signed up for a challenge to run/walk 2022 miles in 2022. My goal is to run 700 of the 2022 miles!! Crazy, yes. But I need to be challenged or I won’t make myself a priority. And my kids have challenged me to do a marathon this year because I’m turning 50! Another mini running goal is to do a running streak = run 1 mile every day. My goal is to do this for the entire year.
  5. I will not get discouraged – Life is rough for me the past few years and I don’t think it will be any easier in the next few months, at least. But I know who I am and I will not get discouraged. I will continue to believe in myself, keep moving forward, and be intentional (also my word of the year for 2022) about where I’m headed.


This year, instead of worrying about breaking your New Year’s resolutions, try making your own list of 5 things you won’t do in 2022.

Leave a comment and let me know what’s going to be on your list!

I’m looking forward to an amazing 2022!

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