Extended Double Crochet Stitch

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>Last week I showed you the extended single crochet, so I thought the next step would naturally be the extended double crochet.  When worked it is taller than a double crochet but not as tall as a treble crochet.


Here are the steps:

Insert hook into desired stitch,
pull yarn through (there will be 3 loops on hook)
pull through one loop only

this is what you will have left on your hook

pull through 2 loops

this is what you should have left now

yo pull through last 2 loops (that will leave you with one remaining loop – stitch is complete)

completed stitch
Here is a picture of how it compares to a treble crochet & a double crochet.
L to R – treble, extended double, double crochet


  1. >nice work keep it up. Thank for the instruction. very helpful

  2. >Hey! I found you through Vashti's link to your tutorial. Now I'm following you in my Google Reader. I will be linking to your Stitch of the Week label on my "Crochet Essentials" page on my blog, artlikebread.blogspot.com. Let me know if that's not cool. :) Very nice tute. Thanks!!

  3. thank you


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