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Super Quick Skinny Scarf


Super Quick Skinny Scarf

This is probably one of the quickest stash busters ever!  It’s great for a beginner (even if you’ve never picked up a crochet hook), but anyone can whip these out in a number of combinations to make them your own creation.

I used a size “P” hook and held 4 strands of various fashion yarns together, but you can use more strands, and even a larger hook, to give it a little more thickness.

Begin with approx. 10″ strands before you make your slip knot. 
Chain enough times to make up approx. 45″. (I did some as long as 56″ & 60″) Fasten off, leaving approx. 10″ tail.

Done!  It’s ready to wear, give, sell, etc.  No ends to tie in. And now your stash is a little, tiny bit, smaller.  You’re probably thinking that was way too easy :). 

This is black & gold and is approx. 64″
Various browns & off white.  Approx. 80″.
This is just fun fur (2strands black, 2 strands red/black). It’s approx. 84″.
This one is on the long side, but not so long it gets in the way.

Happy Crocheting!

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