Lovie Security Blanket – Free Crochet Pattern

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This can be made in any yarn.  Just use the hook size recommended for it.  I used a super soft bulky yarn.  Not the greatest for a newborn/infant.  It was a little heavy.  Now that she’s a year old it’s perfect.  You can easily adjust the size by adding an even number of stitches.



The stitch I used has been called the “seed stitch” or the “moss stitch”.

ch 46.
Row 1:  sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across, turn.
Row 2:  ch1, sc in 1st sc, *ch1, skip next sc, sc in next sc, repeat from * across, turn.

Row 3:  ch1, skip 1st sc, sc in ch1 space, *ch1, skip next sc, sc in next ch1 space, turn.

Repeat Row 3 until approx. 26”, do not fasten off.
Round 1:  3sc in corner stitch, sc evenly down side of afghan (approx. 60 sc), 3sc in corner, sc evely across bottom (approx. 49 sc), 3sc in corner,  sc evenly up side (approx. 60 sc), sc evenly across top (approx. 49 sc), slip stitch in 1st sc.
Round 2:  3hdc in corner st, (1hdc  in each sc & 3hdc in each corner st around border).  Attatch with slip st to 1st hdc. Fasten off. Tie in ends.
Copyright © Kristine Mullen. 09-03-10
       Reproducing or transmitting this pattern by any means for any purpose other than for personal use constitutes a violation of copyright law.


  1. >I've never used that stitch before – have to add it to my "to try" list. Looks great. And for some reason this post made me think, "you know what, I need a security blanket for myself!!!"

  2. >haha – I never thought of it that way. Maybe I should have made this in my size :)

  3. >I think there m ay be a problem w/ this pattern. Row 2 is ch1 sc in ch1 space- but the 1st row is a row of sc's.Misha BTW I love the blanket and the idea.

  4. >Misha,Thanks. I have fixed it, so you should be all set. Let me know if you have any other problems/questions.Kristine

  5. How much yarn for a baby blanket?

    • I used 2 balls of pink and 1 of the off white.

  6. I took the liberty of using your pattern on the Lovie Security Blanket.
    Very nice. I used about 4 skeins of the White Bernat Baby Blanket yarn,
    Size N hook. I will use the same in blue for edging. It turned out to be
    a quick pattern for my newborn grandson.

  7. I left a messagage a few days ago and I never got a response

    • Sue, I’ve been on vacation with limited internet coverage. I emailed you back. Please let me know if you didn’t receive it.

  8. I love the patternbut, it won’t let me print it

    • Are you trying to use the print button at the bottom of the post? It seems to be working for me ok, so I’ll have to look into it. Sorry.

    • Mary, sometimes I high light the whole pattern and then right click on it and choose ‘print’. Hope this helps.

  9. I like to make blankets for Project Linus. My question is…..I knit & crochet…..which should I use for blankets. I am told crochet takes more yarn but is quicker to make than knitting. Why would crochet be quicker? Also, I live in Arizona near Phoenix and it gets hot so I am wondering if that should have any affect on whether to knit or crochet blankets?

    Thanks for your help.

    • It won’t matter which you use for Project Linus. I have heard crocheting is quicker also. Maybe because you can wrap it around the hook quicker than pulling it off of the needles and moving it? Not sure exactly. It takes more yarn because of wrapping it around the hook multiple times (depending on the stitch) and is more dense fabric when completed. Soft yarn is more important than which method you use. Weather should not affect the blankets, but it may affect your crocheting. I have a much harder time crocheting when it is hot. My fingers tend to get sore more quickly. (air conditioning does help that) Hope that helps a little.

      • I find crochet is quicker as I have a hard time handing knitting needles, but if I do loom knitting, it’s tit for tat with crochet. I think it’s just whichever you are raised with as the primary way of making things. I have crocheted since I was four and learned to knit at nine, and loom knitting at 40. Also, I find that i use more yarn with my knitting, but it really depends on the stitch and pattern you work on. :D Good luck with your projects!

      • Do you know if Project Linus will take blankets this small? Would like to make some for them if so. Thanks!

      • To my knowledge they do not, but I’m sure you could send them an email and double check. Or you could resize this pretty easily and make it carseat size (36″ x 36″).

  10. How large is this blanket?

  11. I crochet for Warmth For All, and we do for babies that are in foster care in the Salem, Oregon area, and for a group that does pre-natal and newborn classes for at risk pregnant people and those of low income. I hope to make bunches of these for them! Thank you for sharing!

    • I realize you posted this three and a half years ago, but I was wondering if there was a group in this area for foster kids. Good to know! I may look it up!

      Thanks Emma!

      • Tiffany, I think if you’re looking for foster kids your best bet would be to contact your local child/family services.

  12. I don’t see the hook size required in the directions.

    • I used whatever hook size was recommended with the yarn. I’ll see if I still have the yarn so I can see what it called for.

  13. How many yarns to use for the full baby afghan??

    • I’m sorry Kathleen, I’m not sure. I only did this in a small security blanket and it was really thick yarn. It would take quite a bit of thick yarn to do a baby blanket, but I don’t know how much. A regular baby blanket is probably about 20 ounces, but again I’m totally guessing.

  14. I am a beginner and would like to know how to enlarge this for an adult. How do I figure that out?

    • Hi Dee, the pattern is pretty easy to adjust. Just make the beginning chain as long as you want the blanket and make sure it’s an even number of stitches. Hope that helps.

  15. This is so cute! :) It’s on my to-do list, probably for my best friend due in a few weeks! Better get started! lol

  16. when did you switch colors ?

    • Round 1 of the border was done in off-white. Round 2 was done in the pink. Hope that helps.

  17. What brand of yarn did you use? I love the texture in the picture.

    • Hi Margaret, I wish I could remember what yarn I used. I purposely didn’t list it when I wrote the pattern because it was discontinued, and just something I found in my stash, but now I honestly don’t remember. Sorry.

  18. What are the measurements of this blankie about? (depending on yarn used)

    • Approx. 24″ x 26″ using bulky yarn.

  19. If I use two colors or even multiple colors, do I need to bind off at the end of each row or can I just slip stitch my way up to where they start again? Then do the border to cover the slip stitches? And how many different colors would you do at the most? Or does it matter?

    • Rachel,

      You can do as many colors as you like. That part is totally up to you. As far as the ends of the rows. I just carry mine up (not chain up) and then yes, cover them with the border. Hope that helps.



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