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Nautical Preemie Set

Nautical Preemie Set

The Nautical Preemie set is a set of crocet patterns that all started with the nautical theme, which symbolizes life and stability. The themed set was created to remind new parents they have strength in this hard chapter in their life. With it’s easy stitch 

Nautical Lovey – Free Preemie Crochet Pattern

The Nautical Lovey is an easy crochet project that is perfect for preemies. Preemies will always have a special place in my heart and the Preemie Challenge that Helen over at Sunflower Cottage Crochet is my go to event for preemies. I love the opportunity 

Free Lovey Crochet Pattern

This lovey crochet pattern can be made with any yarn.  Just use the hook size recommended for it.  I used a super soft bulky yarn.  Bulky yarn may be a little heavy for a newborn/infant, but it was perfect for my daughter at 1 year