Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Finishing Row

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When going a tunisian project you need to do a finishing row, otherwise will have gaps in your between your stitches and your work may look like this…….

We’re going to be using a sc bind off to finish the scarf.  (for those that know how to crochet it is similar to a regular sc)

Finishing row:  skip 1st vertical bar, * insert hook behind next vertical bar (see fig.1), yo, pull up a loop (see fig.2), yo, pull through both loops on hook (see fig.3), repeat from * across, insert hook through both loops of last stitch.

Fig.1 – insert hook behind next vertical bar

Fig.2 – yo, pull up a loop

Fig.3 – yo, pull through both loops on hook

Tunisian SC Bind OffTunisian SC Bind Off

Fasten off.

Happy Crocheting!



  1. I would like to thank you for putting all the different instructions on your site. Have just been on a cruise and learnt only first lesson on basics, the other info is great for a beginner.


    • Thank you, Heather! I hope they help.

  2. Just getting started with Tunisian Crochet & this is going to be so helpful – thank you!

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