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10 Reasons Not to be a Crochet Designer

Have you ever wanted to be a crochet designer? I recently took a survey and you (my readers) wanted some more info on the design process. I decided to have some blog posts focused on just that, but before I get into how to be […]

5 Things I Learned When My Website Crashed

The past 6 days was hard! My website crashed last Friday morning (2/5/16) about 5 am, and after 3 days back and forth with my hosting company they figured out that there was a problem with their server. Now….here’s where the question lies in my […]

Customer Service is Key

I worked my entire outside-the-home career in customer service, from entry level all the way up, and I still believe in the slogan, “the customer is always right.” Don’t get me wrong, there will always be “those” customers that push your buttons BUT, for the […]

Customer Service When You Own A Business

This topic has been on my mind a lot lately.  I was an accounting major in college, but all my life I worked in customer service.  From entry level all the way up to CSM.  Ok, with that being said, I believe customers should be […]