Pumpkin Hat Crochet Pattern

I have been working with the very talented Savanna, from SavannaSmiles Photography and she asked me if I’d be willing to make her a pumpkin hat.  I’ll be honest, I hesitated for a moment.  Not because I didn’t want to, but because there are tons of pumpkin hats already out there and, for most of you that know me, you’ll notice I don’t make something just because it’s popular at the moment.  I made a decision, at the beginning of this journey, to have my own style….find my “niche” so to speak.

So, I decided I’d make her one, but I wanted to be careful it wouldn’t look like anyone elses. There have been times where I can look at a picture and create that item (or come pretty close) without a pattern.  I would never want to try to sell something like that as my own, so I wanted to be sure it had my own ‘flare’ to it.  Even after it was made I went back online to make sure it didn’t look like anyone else’s and I had hubby help me check :).   


Finished Sizes: 
0-3 months
3-6 months
6-18 months
2T – 5T
5T – preteen

Yarn: #4 worsted weight – Sample used:
3 oz. Red Heart super saver – “Orange”
1 oz. Red Heart super saver – “Green”
1 oz. Red Heart super saver – “Gold” or “Yellow”

Hook: Size H/8 (5 mm). Change hook size to get correct gauge if needed.

Notions: Yarn Needle

Special Stitches: Front Post cluster (FPcl)

Difficulty: Beginner

You will need to be familiar with basic stitches as well as increasing. Once you get past the increases the pattern is straightforward.

The downloadable ad-free PDF is available for purchase in my shops:


Happy Crocheting!

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