Why Should I Pay For A Crochet Pattern?

I have been asked in the past why should someone purchase and/or pay for a crochet pattern.   There are always differing answers depending on who you ask, but the top 2 opposing answers I get are:

1)  If it’s easy, I’ll sit down and figure it out myself instead of paying for the pattern.

2) I don’t want to do the math (or I’m not good at math), so I want it figured out for me.

I’ve decided to come up with a few other reasons to purchase a pattern.




Top 6 reasons you should pay for a crochet pattern.


6.)  You’re New – There is nothing wrong with being a “newbie.” Everyone has to start somewhere. Focus on learning before you try your hand at design.

5.)  Desire – You have no desire to design a pattern of your own.

4.)  Time – You like/want to just sit down and crochet (which is actually much quicker than designing something.)

3.)  Support – You can be a designer while still supporting other designers. That’s what makes us all unique. Quick story….when I first starting designing I said I was never going to buy another crochet pattern. Then I realized I was missing out on some amazing designs from fellow designers. And every designer has their own ‘niche’. Don’t limit yourself once you become a designer.

2.)  Knowledge – You may want to expand your knowledge to a new technique. Learn from the masters so you will have a better understanding of that type of crochet.

And the number one reason (in my opinion) to purchase a pattern, is…..

1.)  Math – If you despise math, save yourself the headache.  There can be a lot of math involved in designing, especially with multiple size designs (which is one of the reasons I love it!). Some people just don’t want to do the math involved. 

I would love to hear other reasons if you have some.




15 thoughts on “Why Should I Pay For A Crochet Pattern?”

  • Dang Skippy…. I pay because I am TOO LAZY to do the math! I just want to crochet and relax. Thanks for being one of the ones who enjoys doing the math!

    • But Tracy, that’s awesome! If we all wanted to design no one would sell any patterns. ;) There are certain things I have no desire to design, so I find a designer who has done the item justice. And you’re right. The goal is to relax!

  • Yes I understand about paying for the patterns and I am for it ,
    Although I am on social security and I am raising my grandchildren
    so now, I will try to put money aside to buy some of these pretty patterns.
    It will give me a monthly goal.

    • Mikki, Not sure if you can relate, but I just responded to someone on my facebook page. The question was this…

      “I have to ask, please don’t beat me with your hooks…. How do you feel when someone looks at an item and can figure it out enough to make it without the pattern? I have done this on occasion but like its been said before, if I see something just perfect I will buy the pattern. I’m just wondering how you feel when someone is inspired to duplicate your work. Is it flattery or do you get miffed?”

      Here was my response to her.

      “It’s actually a good question, but one that I can only answer for myself. I’m sure other designers would all have varying answers. As a designer I would say that I do rely on those pattern sales to help support my household. As a crocheter who can do the same thing, I can say I understand that you don’t always need a pattern to make something. Sometimes you just needed the inspiration. I guess the only 2 things I would ask (and again this is just me) that if you were going to make something, even without the pattern, 1) you can always say where you got your inspiration from, so maybe someone else would be willing to purchase the pattern. 2) I would have an issue if someone made something without the pattern (because they could) and then wrote it up and sold it. No there are no copyright issues on ideas, but the ideas need to be your own. Again, this is just me. But I think it was a good question that a lot of crocheters/knitters probably have. Hope that helped.”

  • Another very good reason to purchase a pattern would be to give as a gift to someone you know who loves to crochet and/or knit.

  • I couldn’t agree with you more. Another thing that bothers me, is the growing trend of people relying heavily on video tutorials. That might be fine some some desdigners, especially with the complex stitch pattern, But some of us don’t want to make them, and some of us don’t the means to make them as well.

    I’m ‘old school’. I’m from a era when we didn’t have any Internet, and patterns were all we have. And if we had a problem with a pattern, you’d ask someone else, or, in my case, being a ‘guy’ doing this stuff 30-40 years ago, I had no one to help me, so I had to buckle down and figure it out. But I took the time to ‘learn’ crochet, not just try to ‘make something.

    Always trty to ‘learn’ something from a pattern, make a note of it (that”s right people, take notes!) So when you come something different in the next pattern, you’ll have some reference.

    • Ken, you said this perfectly! I was also from that era that had to keep trying until we figured it out. And personally, I think if you there is a satisfaction that comes from figuring it out for yourself and knowing that you CAN do it! You also have a greater understanding for the stitch, counting, etc. when you don’t learn it for just one item.

  • my reasons for buying a pattern are always one or more of the following reasons:
    1. I want to support other “small” business owners
    2. while I probably COULD figure it out, why would I want to copy something someone has spent sooo much time and effort on and not compensate them for it
    3. a lot of times I purchase a pattern that has a new stitch in it or maybe a new technique or a style I like
    4. one of MY customers has seen a picture online of an item that’s gone viral and asked me to make it so of course I’m going to purchase it!!

    I’ve never had an issue with purchasing patterns because honestly, you get what you pay for!! (or don’t for that matter)

  • I have limited amount of time to crochet. I just want to get to my project, not use all my crochet time figuring it out. I will pay for a pattern I want to make because someone else spent their valuable time figuring it our for me.

  • I have been crocheting and knitting all my life. I follow instructions because I trust someone already tried and there are no mistakes. I think people who share patterns weather free for for a price are super generous people and I appreciate their talent and most of all their desire to share with others their talent. So thanks to all the designers I love to get free patterns (I am a very thrifty person) but if I really want a a pattern I do not mind paying for it.

  • I love that “MOST paid patterns have been thoroughly tested. Most free patterns have never been edited nor tested. And they can be frustrating.

    When my budget allows… I just love to support my favorite designers.

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