Crochet Hand-Me-Downs

Spring Daisy age progression logoSame daughter (2 year age difference), same hat pattern (2 different hat colors)

As my girls and I were headed home from a lunch outing a few days ago, my 2 youngest (5 & 4 years old) had this interaction in the back seat.

Kiera, my 5 year old, “Jess, can I have my hat back?”

One of my older girls said she was sleeping, so I told her to just gently take the hat off and give it back to Kiera. As soon as I said that Jessica’s hand went flying up to her forehead to hold the hat in place.

Me, “Do you need it back now? Or, can you wait til we get home?”

Kiera, “That’s ok Jess, you can keep it if you want.”

Awww, melt my heart. It was the perfect “mommy moment,” which was then followed by…..

Kiera saying, “I know, Mommy! Can you make me a new one so we can match? And, can you make it in the colors of Danica Patrick’s car?!?!?” (Danica Patrick is a NASCAR driver)

The mommy moment was over.

spring daisy 2 logoHere’s a link to the pattern on Ravelry

Here they are in their matching hats.

Do you ever have those crochet “mommy moments?”


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