Linked Double Crochet (LDC) Tutorial

The linked double crochet is a double crochet stitch that links to the previous double crochet. The result is a more closed appearance than the regular double crochet gives.

Here are the 6 easy steps to making the linked double crochet (ldc) and an example of the perfect pattern to use it on.

Linked Double Crochet (LDC) Tutorial 

Step 1:  Insert hook in horizontal bar of previous double crochet. (this can be a regular double crochet or a linked double crochet)

Linked Double Crochet (LDC) - Step 1

Step 2:  Yarn over (yo) and pull up a loop (2 loops on hook).

Linked Double Crochet (LDC) - Step 2

Step 3:  Insert hook in the next stitch of your previous row (the row you should be working stitches into).

Linked Double Crochet (LDC) - Step 3

Step 4:  Yo and pull up a loop. (Note: This photo doesn’t show, but you should be pulling up your loop to the height of your current stitch.)

Linked Double Crochet (LDC) tutorial - Step 4

Step 5:  Yo and pull through 2 loops on hook. (2 loops remain)

Linked Double Crochet (LDC) - Step 5

Step 6:  Yo and pull through remaining 2 loops on hook. The Linked Double Crochet (LDC) is now complete.

Linked Double Crochet (LDC) - Step 6

Linked Double Crochet (LDC) tutorial by Ambassador Crochet.

Projects it’s good for

The finished product is a fully closed set of stitches that will resemble a solid fabric without the bulk of tight stitches.

This stitch is perfect if you’re looking for something that drapes more like a fabric – instead of the usual lacy (or holey as my hubby says) project. I used this in my American Flag afghan because I wanted it to have the look of a solid fabric, and I succeeded! (Pattern will be released Friday, April 28, 2017)

American Flag afghan crochet pattern using LDC. - crochet pattern and tutorial by Ambassador Crochet.

Happy Crocheting!

4 thoughts on “Linked Double Crochet (LDC) Tutorial”

  • I am currently working on the American Flag pattern and I can’t figure out how to do the ldc in the starting chain. Can you possibly explain it to me?

    • Sheila, there is a photo tutorial in the pattern pdf. But the easiest way to explain it is that the first part of the link you insert the hook into the beg chain and pull up a loop. Then you finish the ldc instructions by pulling up a loop in the next st (or chain) of the row. Feel free to email me if you need more help.

      • Kristine, I’m a little confused on this stitch also, when starting with a chain. I understand putting the needle in second chain from hook, and pulling a loop, where exactly do I insert the hook after this, would it be the 3rd chain from hook, or in the same 2nd chain from hook.?

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