Bubblegum Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

I’m pretty sure everyone remembers Bazooka bubblegum from when they were a child. That’s exactly what the bubblegum infinity reminded me of as I made it…..Bazooka. From it’s bright pink color to the bubblegum puffs, this scarf is sure to be any kids favorite.


Bubblegum Infinity Scarf crochet pattern by Ambassador Crochet. A quick, fun pattern for all ages.


Bubblegum Infinity Scarf 

This scarf is perfect for any ages but it’s fun, bright colors remind me of childhood days. On the other hand, you can make it in more neutral colors and it adds the perfect amount of style to any outfit.

The pattern uses #5 bulky weight yarn, which makes it great for a quick gift or craft fair. I am donating mine to my daughter’s A Heart for the Homeless: Mission Hats & Scarves collection that she’s working on.

The Bubblegum Infinity pattern is available in my pattern shops:

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Make sure you tag me or use hashtag #ambassadorcrochet so I can see your version!

Happy Crocheting!

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