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love more wrapLove More Wrap

When my husband and I got married there were 2 couples that I wanted to model my marriage after; my Uncle Matt & Aunt Leslie from TX (If you’re ever bought a house in TX you may know them!) who had been married for 18 years (32 years now) and friends of ours from church, Will & Diane who had been married for about 26 years (41 years now). Both couples act like newlyweds, and I was well aware it was a choice both couples had made, and continued to make.

Diane is a true romantic, she loves life, and chooses to be happy. 2 years ago her husband, Will, was diagnosed with brain cancer. Because her laughter and positive attitude have been so influential to me, I prayed that she would not lose her laughter, even in the midst of the storm. On Nov. 29th Will went home. While I know he is in a better place, my heart is broken. My “Love More” wrap was inspired by all the things Diane has taught me about love.






love more crochet wrap

The pattern is available in my Ravelry shop.

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